...In my shower?! Nicole from NV Beauty tagged me and since I loved reading her post, I figured why not? It's a very different tag than what I'm used to seeing, and I like that! But I was thinking, "Is my shower even clean?" Cuz I'm pretty sure you girls wouldn't wanna see a bunch of lime buildup and soap scum ;) Luckily, I just scrubbed my shower so it looks nice and shiny. Anyway, I don't really have much to show by way of pictures so I'm not sure how revealing this will be. But here's where I get so fresh and so clean:

So let's see: An assortment of shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioner, body wash, MAC volcanic ash exfoliator (Love!), a ridiculous bouquet of loofahs, shaving cream (which the bf insisted I use to ensure he won't be rubbing up against sandpaper legs), razor, face cleanser that I want to use up so I can finally buy some Cetaphil, soap, and a sqeegee to wipe down my glass doors. All-in-all, a very small and measly place to invigorate each morning or evening. Definitely not my dream shower. My dream shower consists of marble floors and a HUGE shower head. Or maybe three to get in at all angles. And no hard water, which is what I have. But at least my product caddy is nice.

Oh and one last thing:

A honkin' big bottle of BedHead Superstar Shampoo - sulfate free, the only type of shampoo I will put on my head. I am trying to use only products that are sulfate/paraben free, but am not quite there yet. This bottle is so big, it has its own spot sitting in the corner of my shower.

I tag ANYONE who wants to show me what lurks in YOUR shower!
Happy Weekend!
♥ Noelle


  1. Nice tag! Yr shower is neat :)


  2. This is a neat tag! I'm not sure if I'd want to show my shower. . it's got some serious ugliness going on!

    Also, I saw your red dress on some (not so famous since I can't remember her name) actress in a magazine today and I wanted to cut the picture out and give it to you! And then i remembered that you are an online friend, and sadly I can't just drop by to give you a random magazine cut out. lol I'm a bit of a nerd

  3. My shower looks pretty much the same! Different products, same idea! hah. But I love this idea! I think the idea of seeing what is inside peoples' fridges is really interesting, too.


  4. fun post :) I may just have to do this one!

  5. These are so fun, I love sneak peaks :)
    I love the Volcanic Ash exfoliator, it's the best stuff ever, mine's almost gone :( Hope they make it permanent!

  6. @Emily: You are too sweet for wanting to cut that picture out! And I bet your shower is just fine ;)
    @MsHark: I know, snooping is so much fun on blogger.
    @Veronika: Do one! I would love to see what goodies you have in your shower!
    @Andi: I am obsessed with the MAC exfoliator! They really should make it permanent.

  7. Great tag! I too don't have a dream shower AT ALL, but I like the products in there. :)


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