I think I have figured out the boyfriend's tripod. Not that it's rocket science or anything, but as a product of Myspace/Facebook, I am more accustomed to turning my camera around and just snapping quick pics of myself that way. Frankly, I like close-ups better than distance shots, but I digress. I am not a model, nor am I inclined to posing for a camera. A smile on my face and that's all I can do! I just wanted to show you how I plan on wearing black this Summer, while still being light and breezy. If you have any styling suggestions, let me know! But this is what I came up with while raiding my (tiny) closet.

Black cardi: Express last year
 Petal tank top: Old Navy
Black shorts: H&M. Very flattering, and I saw a ton so go look!
Black peep toe pumps: BP Nordstrom about two years ago
Tan Jessica Simpson clutch: Tj-maxx
Skinny belt: H&M
Cuff bracelet: Nordstrom

Romper: BP Nordstrom, just purchased. It's not even on the website yet! If I find more colors, I am getting one more.
Patent belt (not really showing up for some reason): Taken from an old dress
Cuff: Nordstrom
Purse: H&M
Nude pumps: DSW
House of Harlow necklace: Shopbop.com
Ring: Claires

Black dress: Express
Shoes: Boutique
House of Harlow necklace: magnums.net
Ponytail: Mine ;)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Cute! You definitely look pretty and breezy! You could always add some white/creme colored jewelry (like drop earrings or a bold necklace), or a jewel tone belt to add a little pop of color. But you work the black ensembles well, gal!! :)

  2. love everything! I'm seriously leaving now to go see if I can find that romper!

  3. cute. I love the romper and your clutch.

  4. OK WOW! You are so gorgeous, have such great style and are so sweet! That romper is To Die For!! Looks amazing on you, love the nude pumps and strappy ribbon heels too, GREAT JOB!

  5. you got the house of harlow necklace, yay! it looks great!

  6. These are great outfits!! I totally need to practice my OOTD poses, because more often than not I look like a tool. You my dear look like a natural though!

  7. so cute!! i am probably the only person in the world mystified by "neutrals": black, white, and brown, and hardly wear any.

    i want to try these looks!!

  8. Justine: Thank you for the suggestions! I was thinking that a pop of color was needed, and I have some pretty jewelry that will be perfect.
    Lynn: Lol, good! I hope you find it, there were tons at the Nordstrom I go to. I only saw black, but I am hoping more colorful ones are on the way!
    April: Thanks!
    Andi: Aww you are so sweet Andi. Thank you! I say the same things about you!
    Vanessa: Yes, I saved up and got two necklaces ;) It was worth it, I am very pleased with both.
    Emily: Oh goodness, I personally hate my posing but thank you just the same!
    Mikaela: Thank you, I love neutrals! It is color that I need some help with sometimes. But I think I'm getting better.

  9. So cute! I love every outfit! Love the necklaces too! :-)

  10. omg you look gorgeous. black never fails :)

  11. OHH How I wish I had a tri pod!!
    I really like these pics ... the first is my fave. Great style.

  12. I love the first look! and the romper looks great on you.

    I'd add a pop of color- maybe a necklace, or fun shoes or a colorful belt to the last one though

  13. OMG! Ok you may not be a model but you look gorgeous!

    Not only that but I NEED that romper. Do you still have the style number??? or anything that can help me track it down? adorable!

    I wear black in summer too!

  14. Crystal: Thank you girly :)
    Becky: I know, I will always gravitate towards black.
    Kimber Doll: A tripod helps so much! I just wish my house was a little nicer. It's kind of boring standing in front of a blank wall!
    Natalie: I consider you the queen of color and pattern, so I will take your advice! I have a cute pair of purple suede peep toes that would work.

  15. You look great! Black is my favorite color!

  16. You look fabulous in all of these different looks! You pull off the romper really well too, I have been kind of scared to try this trend, I know Blake Lively has worn them millions of times and always looks so good! Love the House of Harlow necklace in your last look, I have the small gold key necklace and adore it!

  17. I didn't want a romper, but now I do! Omg, it's so cute on you!

  18. U look fab in all the outfits. But my fav is the second one


  19. A: Thank you very much!
    Kinsey: Isn't the necklace so adorable? It goes with literally everything! And I love that you can wear it right around your neck or a little bit further down.
    Jodi: Thank you, I have never ever wanted a romper. Then I decided to try this one on a whim and fell in love ;)
    Cynthia: You are so sweet, thank you.

  20. Hi I just stumbled across your blog...through someone elses...I can't remember now since I've been reading yours for over 30min! Love it! I LOVE your style...you are so so pretty! Definitely bookmarking :))

  21. Anonymous: Awww, thank you so much. It really makes my day to know that somebody likes what I blog about!
    ♥ Noelle


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