Ohhhh, all I want to do is blog, blog, blog but I can't seem to find enough time. No complaining though, cuz April is almost gone! Here are some things that I lusted over (and still am) for the month:

Bronzer! Left to Right: Korres Manoi Oil Bronzer in Sunglow Light, NYX in Daydream of Lanai, NYC in Sunny, and MAC MSF in Global Glow.

Olive green on the eyes. A bonus if you're a brown-eyed gal like myself. Green really brings out the gold flecks. Bare Escentuals eye glimmer in Purrfect and Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Stash

Coral. Coral anything and everything! Makeup, accessories, and clothes please.

My House Of Harlow Necklaces, especially the dainty mini key necklace. I even sleep with this on, I really can't take it off.

Strappy heels and sandals scream Summer. Just please make sure your toes are painted ;)

What are your favorites for April?


  1. What's that lipstick you featured? :) I love that pretty rose thing - is it a ring? And your necklace is superpretty too! I'm in love with that nude pair of heels in the pic! xx

  2. Livia: The l/s is actually from MAC's newest collection and it is called Dressmaker, Dressmaker. It is a light peachy-coral and I love it! Yes, that rose is a ring from Forever 21. It was super cheap! Thanks for your comment.

  3. Your coral jewlery is seriously gorgeous! I'm loving coral lately too, and i'm on the hunt for the perfect coral nail polish. Can't seem to find it though *sigh*. I don't wear green on my eyes very often but maybe I should since I have brown eyes too! And i've really been wanting to try the Bare Escentuals glimmers, i've heard a lot of great things about them. But somehow everytime i'm at ULTA I get sidetracked and completely forget to check them out LOL.

  4. Fun stuff! Yes, I am having a hard time finding time to blog now too!

  5. Caitlin: The BE glimmers are great loose shadows. I have a few and although I don't reach for them on a daily basis like I used to, they are great to have. A bit messy, but gorgeous! I like them better than MAC pigments for sure.

    Nicole: I know, there needs to be more hours in the day!

  6. I agree about the painted toes LOL
    Cute things!

  7. gooooooo bronzers! lol. You know I heart bronzer.

    I also adore those strappy heels. Plus they actually look comfy!

  8. Great stuff! I love coral and I love green with brown eyes too! :-)

  9. oh man i'm not liking the fact that time goes by really fast and april is almost over ugh!

  10. All nice stuff. Boy, I need to get a new bronzer matte!)
    I so want Mac Dressmaker too.


  11. I am SO into coral right now. Especially in jewelry! And those bronzers you featured are gorgeous.
    xxoo Josie

  12. A: Thank you!
    April: Yes, I know you love bronzer. It's a girls best friend!
    Crystal: Thank you. Green is my favorite color on brown eyes (besides neutrals of course!)
    Becky: I'm actually excited that it's almost over, but that's just because I'm graduating college.
    Cynthia: I love Dressmaker. It's a very wearable coral for me.
    Josie: Yes, I want coral everything for Summer. I love it with neutrals.

  13. That Korres Bronzer is amazing! I love it so much! Same with Stash, I totally agree with you on olive colours flattering brown eyes. It makes my eyes greener and golder at the same time :)
    I spot Coralista there too...love that blush! One day, it'll be mine! And those strappy sandals...le sigh! You've awakened something in me, LOL!

  14. Marce: Oh good, I'm happy to find that I'm not the only girl raving about Korres' bronzer ;) I think Coralista would look amazing you, you should def. get it!


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