Ok, so this "face of the day" is pitiful. This awful attempt at showcasing a makeup look reconfirms my sentiment that my Kodak camera needs to go buh-bye. It's great at taking pictures of inanimate objects, but not so great at capturing people. The focus is pretty decent, but the lighting settings are so irritating to work with! When I use the flash setting, everyone looks ghostly and washed out. When I don't use a flash, the picture comes out way too dark and drab. Hence, my lack of face closeups over the past year that I've been blogging about beauty (and fashion ♥). I promised you guys I would do a look using my new products from MAC's To the Beach collection and I swear I tried. I really promise I did. I seriously took, like, 100 photos when I got home from work yesterday and discovered my Hipness blush had arrived in the mail. Then the sun started to set and I thought "to heck with it!" I know you have seen swatches, and I'm pretty sure many of you own these very same products already, so you get the idea of how gorgeous this collection is. The blush and the Marine Life powder are quite pigmented. Hipness is a pinky-coral, while the powder is a redish -coral. I used both products to layer on my cheeks. I did the same with Splashing and Easy Lounger Lipglosses.

So this is the best I could do. You can kind of see the contour of the blushes mixed together, as well as the pretty, shiny lipglasses.
Face: L'oreal Magic Perfecting Primer
MUFE Mat Velvet +
Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette
Korres Bronzer in Sunglow Light
Cheeks: MAC To the Beach Blush in Hipness
MAC Marine Life Highlight Powder
Eyes: UD Primer Potion
NYX eyeshadow in Sahara all over the lid
MAC shadow in Woodwinked in the crease
MAC shadow in Dazzlelight as a highlight
UD 24/7 Pencil in Bourbon
CG LashBlast
Lips: MAC To the Beach Lipglasses in Splashing and Easy Lounger layered.

So from now on, I'll leave the face close-ups to the beauty bloggers with great cameras! Hopefully I get a new one for my birthday in a few months :)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Hello Gorgeous!! You look great!! I wouldn't worry about your camera - your pictures are fine. I've seen some blogs and I can't hardly make out their eyes their pictures are so blurry! lol. I've been meaning to get to MAC to see this collection but I feel that by now it will be mostly picked over anyway. .

  2. I aggree with Emily, your pictures are fine. I love the blush! =)

  3. Looks beautiful! That blush is so natural-looking, how did you do that? I am scared to use my Marine Life! How is the application/coverage? Is it sheer? I need lots of tips, lol.

  4. You look great!:D This look is fresh, natural, and young, I like it!:D

    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  5. I think you did a great job! I agree with the ladies above you look gorgeous! :D

  6. You look so pretty! I haven't touched my Marine Life yet...I'm kind of scared to! LoL

  7. You are beautiful!! I can't believe I forgot about MAC's new collection...usually I'm stalking the counter the day a new collection comes out. Did you get any other products in addition to the blush?

  8. Emily: I know the MAC website is sold out of a lot, but check your counters because mine has most everything in stock. I hope you find something you like!

    Nicole: Thank you ;)

    Andi: I used a stippling/skunk brush. I just dipped it into both the blush and the marine life powder and sort of dabbed it on my cheeks. I find the skunk brushes give a light application rather than a denser blush brush.

    Marie: Thanks doll, I aim for that every time!

    Sugar sugar: Thank you so much!

    thestartsteam: I don't blame you! It's so pretty to just look at in the pan ;) I'll be sad when the gold overspray is gone!

    Lynn: Thank you! I also got two lipglasses as well. One is called Splashing and the other is Easy Lounger.

  9. It looks really pretty! I know exactly what you mean on the camera. I have a good camera but need my hubby to take pics and I haven't asked yet! hah! Its HARD to get a good pic of yourself close up!!

  10. Steph: I know, I wish I had my own little photographer at home to take all of my pictures ;) I'm sure many bloggers are in the same predicament though, so I guess I shouldn't get so frustrated!

  11. youre beautiful! what is your ethnicity if you dont mind me asking?

  12. Anonymous: Thank you! I don't mind - my father is Irish, German, and English and my mother is Mexican. I have a bit of everything I think ;)

  13. Omg you are gorgeous! And thank you for filling me on what FOTD was I could never figure out what that meant!

  14. Amber: I didn't understand what FOTD meant either when I first started my blog!

  15. awww you look really lovely! i know what u mean about getting a new camera. I'm not too happy with my camera at the moment. Like yours, it takes awesome photos of objects abut not so much on people :/


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