Hey Everyone,
I hope you all are having a lovely weekend. It is gorgeous here in southern California, but it is expected to get into the 90's! I am going over to the boyfriend's parents house to hop in their pool =) I have been meaning to post some things that I have purchased recently, but I haven't had the time so I thought I would do it now. Most of this was acquired about a week or two ago, when I went a little spending crazy. But I am very happy with everything, and I know these things will see a lot of love over the Summer.

Chilltown dress from Lulus in Navy. I have seen this on the site in multiple colors, and they sell very well.

These pretty peep toes were only 15 dollars after being 35% off at Nordstrom Rack. I like the cool cut out design on the toe. Kinda edgy for me I guess. I'm wearing them out to a movie tonight!

Ok, this isn't clothing. But I bought this little sampler of Phyto products for two reasons at Ulta: One, I have heard really great things about this haircare line and I am curious to test it out. And two, I plan on taking this on my vacation next week. It comes with a shampoo, a leave-in cream, and a hair mask.

Tee, Forever 21

I liked the giant ruffle neckline on this tank from Forever 21

A few weeks ago, I saw this skirt in Veronika's haul. It was gorgeous in creme. I also saw Chloe wearing the same skirt. I completely stumbled upon this, and it only came in black at my Forever 21. But, I have been wanting a black skirt for ages now so I'm happy I found one with lace detailing.

My one bathing suit buy for the Summer, by Jessica Simpson. It's kinda retro as well, no?

The top makes my little girls look much bigger ;) I had to say it.

Lisa Taubes 36' gold fill chain from Lorraine Stanick's blog. I have been wanting this necklace for a long time now but I always hesitated.

Have a great weekend!


  1. The bathing suit is adorable, I love retro bathing suits like that! I've been looking for one but can't find any that fit me right :/ and I can't beleive that those shoes were only 15 dollars, they're so cute! great buys girlie xo

  2. I love the dress and the skirt! Very cute stuff!

    The MAC 129 brush is my favorite blush brush. I have tried others but always go back to this one. It's $34 but it will last you forever! I've had mine for 7 years already and it's still in perfect shape. :)

  3. those shoes are cute,
    also the F21 top.
    Great bikini! love it

  4. Caitlin: I know, 15 bucks is a steal! At first I thought it was wrong ;) Love when I find a good bargain though.

    Crystal: Thank you!
    I will definitely get the 129 when I do another MAC haul...probably in a couple of months ;) Or maybe sooner, lol.

    Carla: Thanks sweetie

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  6. Yay for fabulous new goodies to play with! That bikini is adorable. LOVE that lace skirt. I saw Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere pair a similar skirt with a chambray shirt and it looked amazing. I imagine you will wear that gold necklace almost daily! great purchases!

    (PS-It's burning up here too!! CRAZY!)

  7. Love that lace skirt so much!!
    Wish I had a pool too, you're lucky they have one.

  8. I love the skirt and the shoes. you got an awesome deal on those shoes :)

    thanks for the comment. I guess if you will wear it for dinner just tone down the black eye shadow on the crease a little bit ^_^

    are you going to post a photo of your makeup on your dinner date?

  9. adorable purchases!! I love the bikini and the skirt! That dress looks so comfy and cute as well!

  10. Cute purchases. I really like that black lace skirt. Post some OOTD pics :)

  11. Andi: Cupcakes and Cashmere...I have heard of that blog before, i'll have to follow her! Stay cool Andi!

    Miss Kimmy: Yes, Thank God they have a pool and live minutes away! It gets incredibly hot here during the Summer.

    Becky: Thank you ;) I did do a smoky eye last night, but it was a bit more toned down. I didn't even think to take pictures! I should have though. I'll try to do more makeup looks, maybe even when I'm on vacation.

    Amber: Thank you! I wore that dress all day yesterday and I love it! And I also wore the bikini to the pool and it fits so well that I didn't feel self-consciouss like I usually do ;)

    ManoloChooLou: I will definitely post some outfit pictures. That skirt is beautiful and needs to be worn ;)

  12. I love the navy dress! :) Great hauls! :D

  13. Wow you got some majorly cute stuff! I love that chilltown dress & the bikini! It is sort of retro, too cute!

  14. The Ghetto Gurls: Thank you!

    Steph: The Chilltown dress is so cute and comfy. I'm tempted to buy another one in a different color ;)


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