Hmmmmmm, I'm not so sure about the answer. I'm sure some do! I remember when I was in high school, I seriously envied the blondies. I couldn't afford to go to a salon at the time, so my mom took me to a beauty school where some random student proceeded to pour orangey looking dye all over my head. I knew it was going to turn out a disaster, but I was too meek to say anything to the poor guy. He looked terrified after he was done. I kinda just dealt with it. Needless to say, it was at that very moment that I realized I liked being a brunette. I liked it so much that I actually dye my hair a couple shades darker, and so has been the case for a year and a half. It's definitely easier to maintain, and I never have to worry about tell-tale roots. But my dear readers, I am bored. My best friend just dyed her hair a beach blonde and it looks amazing on her. She has inspired me to perhaps make the blonde move, but I am so scared of my hair turning orange again. I think maybe some light brown highlights are the way to go. I guess I don't want to be blonde, I just want to be lighter. Sunkissed. Beachy. You get the picture. Here are some that girls that I love.

Or maybe I can just use my old hair for inspiration. This was about two years ago when I was in Maui

What do you girls take into consideration when changing hair color? Any advice?


  1. I've got really dark hair and have never gone lighter, but I've been tempted this summer to try to go for a more 'sunkissed' look - like Audrina's and Rachel Bilson - theirs is gorgeous. Just scared of ending up with bad stripy highlights or something! x

    p.s. I think brunettes have more fun, and our hair always looks shinier too :)

  2. i love being a brunette. :)

    i just dyed my hair a new color. but i never go too far away from my hair's current color. i went from dark mahogany brown to dark auburn, so not much of a change, but my hair is now lighter. :)


  3. I have dark hair and last summer I put light brown highlights in but I did them as "peek a boo" highlights. I had them touched up a few time but now the roots are like 3-4 inches grown out but no one ever sees them and I still have some light brown color peeking out. Its a nice way to get the beachy streaks w/o the high maintenance of roots. Maybe this is an option! :-)

  4. I love my medium-dark brunette hair, but I've been considering adding some honey or light, light brown highlights to it to brighten up my face. I'm just so scared to get my hair colored! Who knows if I actually go through with it! LOL

  5. If you don't want something completly different, you could try 2 shades lighter.
    I love my natural blonde hair and would never dye it.

  6. MissyEllieUk: I agree, I really love Audrina and Rachel's hair. It's lighter than what I have now, but not so light that I have to pay an arm and a leg to maintain it.

    Mimi: That sounds really pretty!

    Mere: Great idea! I actually do have just a couple of "peek a boo" highlights but I think they have faded quite a bit. That is a great option though and one I'm definitely considering.

    LeeAnn: I understand, believe me! Hair is such a security thing with us girls ;)

    AceJournalist: Yes, I think i'll end up doing something like that. Natural, but still a change ;)

  7. i love alessandra ambrosio's hair and that's who i try to model my haircolor after. I have enough blonde in it to keep me happy, but not so much that I'm actually blonde. My fave hair color is the one i've had for the last 3 yrs- light brown with highlights that are subtle and blended. good luck! :)

  8. Veronika: I was actually going to include a picture of her! She's gorgeous, I love her hair. Your hair is really pretty too Veronika, I love the cut and the way you style it.

  9. I really like the color of Eva's hair here. That would be pretty! you look awesome with your hair now, but I know its fun to change it up.


  10. I just dyed my hair a much lighter brown for this summer, and I really like it! Looks refreshing after leaving my hair so dark for so long :) xx

    I hope you make the right choice~! x

  11. MsHark: Thanks Steph!

    Livia: Pretty, I'm sure you look beautiful!

  12. I've never actually colored my hair! It makes me so nervous that I could ruin it, but I totally understand how the same hair can get boring once in awhile. You look adorable in that Miami photo, though, and I'm sure that you would still look gorgeous!
    xo Josie

  13. I have never dyed my hair so I have nothing to comment on that subject. after three weeks of internet detox I have to say that I really missed reading your posts! many many kisses!

  14. your hair looks great, lovely colour!

  15. Froso: I'm happy you're back!

    Phuong: Thank you!

  16. I love being brunette too! But very dark hair doesn't suit me, so I like a bit of highlights.
    I think u should stick to highlights. Stick to beige/ash browns/blondes, like Rachel Bilson there.
    That's what I'm planning to get too sometime



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