Ok, so by now everyone knows that my favorite color of the season has been coral, especially on nails. Essie's Van D' Go and Shop Til I Drop have been on my fingers and toes about 90 percent of the time, with a little pink thrown into the mix every couple of weeks. I realize that Essie is a love it or a hate it nail polish brand. As Laura, or Lollipop 26, has written in her own blog "There is good Essie and there is BAD Essie!" I would most certainly agree. In general, Essie is known for its wide range of drop-dead gorgeous colors. And, it's also known for being too sheer and watery. I personally don't mind sheer, but many of you have expressed your disdain because of that very reason. If Van D' Go and Shop Til I Drop don't work for you, then I HIGHLY suggest giving Revlon's "Tropical Temptation" a try.


My little wishbone finger, just one coat! Sorry for the blurry.

After applying two coats. I love Revlon polishes. The formula is much more opaque and less streaky than Essie. More affordable than OPI.

I've worn Tropical Temptation twice now, and I'm convinced it really is a beautiful true coral. The next time you're at the drugstore, see what you think!

I also want to thank everyone who commented and gave me feedback on my last post. After looking through tons of pics online, I have decided that this is what I want my hair to look like:

Olivia Palermo. I love the color, just a couple of shades lighter than what I have now so it won't be too much of a change. In fact, I really think this is very close to my natural color! I just love everything about her hair and am definitely bringing these photos with me to the salon the next time I go.
~Photos found using Google~

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love Revlon polishes, i think they are not given enough credit! Super pretty colour! xx

  2. Emily: I agree! I also love Plum Seduction by Revlon. It really is the prettiest pink, and it applies beautifully. But this coral color is amazing!

  3. that color looks great on you!I had to return shop til i drop AND van'd go :( they both were awful on me!

  4. I love Revlon polishes too!! I might just have to go out and get this color. I am definitely not an Essie fan; every color I have tried has just been way too streaky for me.

  5. Oh Im so glad you have done this post - I am on the look out for the perfect coral colour and really wanted the Essie one but havent heard that many good reviews and I dont have time to wait for 3 coats to dry - I am so going to get the one - the colour looks perfect :)

  6. I definitely need that polish in my life! I've been impressed with the Revlon polishes I have.

    P.S. I think your hair will look gorgeous!! Great choice :)

  7. Veronika: I'm sorry those didn't work for you! At least you were able to return them!

    Amanda: Yes, I've heard so many people say that. I personally love Essie, but I can see why many don't.

    Happy123: Good, I hope this helped! This polish is so pretty!

    Deanna: Thanks girly!

  8. Coral is such a pretty shade.:D

    Love the hair color too!:D

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    & Life According to Marie.

  9. This shade is gorgeous...I want it! :)
    You are really pretty too hun! I am a new follower!

    Please check out my blog too.


  10. Pretty! I think I have this color!! hugs and great blog doll

  11. Great find on the coral! I've had good luck with Revlon polishes also. Can't wait to see your new hair color, it will be stunning on you!

  12. Marie: Thank you!

    Scouselovesmakeup: Thanks!

    Taj Acosta: Thank you, I hope you like it ;)

    Andi: I'm going to buy more Revlon polishes. Thank you!

  13. Not sure how I missed this post! Tropical Tempation looks really beautiful on you :) And I think you're going to look amazing with that hair color! I love Olivia, i'm totally jealous about everything about her *sigh*

  14. Caitlin: Great review of this on your blog as well! Of course, I trust your nail reviews over anybody else's ;)


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