Happy Monday Everyone!
I hope you all enjoyed your weekends. Mine was incredibly relaxing, just the way I like it! The boyfriend's Aunt is in town visiting, so we spent Sunday talking by the pool. She told us that every weekend in the Summertime should be treated as a mini vacation, and that every evening should be seen as a little vacation too. I thought that was a really nice way of looking at things, because I don't know about you, but all I want to do this time of year is have fun with friends, go to the beach, and shop! The monotony of daily life can often interfere with living it to the fullest, and I am trying my best to enjoy every minute of it.

I picked up a few things that I wanted to share with you. I really love reading posts about shopping, so hopefully you do too.

I had to go to Target and while I was there, I decided to take a peek at the jewelry section. This little sterling silver compass necklace has been talked about by Michele1218 and TiffanyD. It's so dainty and delicate, I knew I had to have it. It was about $20 dollars.

I also stopped at Macy's and made a beeline for the MAC counter. This Stereo Rose MSF was the only thing I really wanted from "In The Groove" and luckily they still had some left! I wore this on my cheeks all weekend and am truly in love with its bronzy-coral sheen. I love that it isn't glittery or gritty as many MSF's tend to be. This one is soft and finely milled.

I also got a dress in from Lulus. I had a 15 percent off code, so that basically took care of the shipping cost.

This was my initial try-on. Success!

Did anyone else pick anything up from In the Groove? Or any other shopping?
♥ Noelle


  1. Love the dress on you!:D You look fab!:D

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    & Life According to Marie.

  2. I have to go to target and look for that necklace, it's beautiful! You're lucky to have gotten Stero Rose I know a lot of girls missed out on it :) and that dress looks beautiful on you, I love one shoulder type tops and dresses xo

  3. Love your buys! Yay! What a nice idea about Summer...she's so right too. My husband's been getting home early and we immediately hit the pool, it's so nice :)

    That dress looks fab on you!

  4. Beautiful dress and great haul!


  5. I have got to buy that neckless. It's gorgeous. Great blog. New follower xx

  6. The blush totally caught my eye! It looks almost looks like Nars orgasm, but more on the coral side. That would look goregous worn on the apples of the cheeks over a bronzer!

  7. Marie: Thanks sweetie!

    Caitlin: I highly suggest the necklace. It can be worn with anything!

    Andi: I thought what she said was a really positive way at looking at Summer. Who doesn't want to spend their time poolside? ;)

    Helena: Thank you! I just visited your blog and am happy to follow.

    Ansa: Thank you for reading! I really appreciate it!

    LeAnn: Yes, it looks amazing with bronzer on the cheeks. I think it might be slightly more pigmented and less shimmery than Orgasm, but I could be wrong since I don't own orgasm anymore. I ran out and have yet to repurchase!

  8. That necklace is so pretty. Love the dress also.

  9. Great dress!! No online shopping for me. .I'm on a total shopping ban. The 'm' key on my computer has started not working so I have to save for a new comp first!!

  10. Hi Noelle! I love your blog- been following for some time now :) That dress is gorgeous on you! I constantly browse Lulu's site. Do you mind if I ask you what size dress you bought? And if you find the LuLu's sizing runs pretty true to size?? I have a simular figure to you (slim and curvy)...tho I am smaller on top to (I am a 34A) and usually a small in most things...So what size would I go with in dresses from LuLus (since I haven't ordered from there before)?? I appreciate any tips! <3

  11. Kamani: Thank you!

    Emily: Oh, I hate computer problems! I have had this laptop for three years now and am praying it doesn't give out any minute!
    I think it's great that you are saving up for a new one. A shopping ban can be hard, but it is definitely worth it if it means saving for something really special ;)

    Anonymous: Thank you so much for reading! Yes, our bodies sound very similar. I would say to get a small, because I have ordered three dresses from Lulus now, and they have all been in size small. I also recommend staying away from the dresses that are 100 percent polyester. Since I have a bigger bottom, I find that dresses made entirely from polyester really cling to my hips and make my bum look even larger! All of the dresses I have purchased have been 100 percent rayon, and this fabric in particular is flattering. I hope this helps! The great thing about Lulus is that they have a great return/exchange policy, just in case ;) If you do buy anything, please let me know how your experience was!

  12. Anonymous: By the way, Lulus sizing is very much junior oriented. I think it is close to Forever 21 sizing.

  13. Oh thank you so much! Yes I am definitely curvier on the bottom as well...and I know what you mean about polyester clinging to the butt! lol...Lulus definitely has some great classic pieces..thanks for your help hun! <3

  14. I love the necklace. I was also considering getting it after seeing TiffanyD's. I am so jealous about Stereo Rose. My counter only got three in to begin with. They were gone by the time I arrived! Boo.

  15. Anonymous: No problem, I really hope I was able to help!

    Veflexra: I think it's ridiculous how exclusive some of MAC's items are! I'm sorry you didn't have luck getting one!

  16. I'm glad your finding time to relax and have fun this summer. Its really the most important thing if you think about it lol.

    love this necklace and its soo affordable too :)

  17. love the color!!! so pretty!! xo

  18. Becky: Thank you, go to Target if you want one ;)

    Andee Layne: Thank you!

  19. Cute necklace! I love the dress too!

    Like you all I got from the In The Groove collection was Stereo Rose. It is so pretty! :)

  20. Crystal: Oh good, you were able to get one too! I think we should feel a little bit lucky, considering Stereo Rose is all sold out and some people are going to great lengths to get one ;)

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