Remember the dilemma I faced with the Nick and Mo jacket from Nordstrom? Well, I guess the third, errr, FIFTH time's a charm!

Yes, patience is a virtue. But the mistakes and hassles were well worth it because I love it so much. I am grateful that I got smart and went to talk to a Nordstrom customer service rep in person rather than over the phone. She was more than apologetic and even refunded my money. She made sure I would get the right item in the correct color this time. The jacket was put on a Nordstrom gift card, so it essentially turned out to be free ;) Thank You Nordstrom! My good faith in your service has been renewed.

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! I am looking forward to blogging about mine on Wednesday!


  1. Gorgeous jacket AND awesome customer service!!!
    Your patience paid off :)

  2. Congrats! Patience does pay off egh?!

    natasha @ twenty-something blog

  3. So happy you got the jacket :). Looking forward to seeing how you style it!

  4. Lilly: Thank you!

    Natasha xoxo: Yes, it was hard at first, but it definitely did pay off!

    Sydney: Thank you, I will be sure to feature it in an upcoming post ♥

  5. haha ,, congrats dear ,, =D
    and super lovely jacket .

  6. I'm glad it all worked out. How frustrating! Cute jacket. Enjoy :)

  7. Princess feef and ManoloChooLou: Thank you girls =)


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