Booties. Not only a huge Fall trend, but I think just a huge trend in general this year. The simple fact that they are referred to as "booties" makes me want a pair even more! I just can't decide what my perfect pair looks like: peep-toe or closed toe. Pointy or rounded. Velvet, suede, leather. Black or gray, the IT color for Fall. Ruffles, bows, platforms. So many options! I'd prefer to purchase only one really fabulous pair that I can wear with everything in my closet, from dresses and skirts to skinny jeans. Here are some booties that have caught my attention:

I like both the gray and the black suede. The added platform will make walking a bit easier!

How extravagant and gorgeous are these?

A sweet, unabashedly feminine shoe that would look amazing with a dress.

These Michael Antonio booties would go with everything! And they are inexpensive on Lulus.

Charlotte Russe has some great options at affordable prices. I really love the cuff detailing on these.

I completely regret not buying these JC's. They aren't really booties, but they offer the same type of feel. If I ever find these, I'm grabbing them!

What do you girls think of booties? Which are your favorites? Have a beautiful weekend!



  1. I really want a pair too! Only I'll pretty much only wear them with jeans because I have skinny ankles, which I try not to draw attention to. I love the way they look with dresses though :)

  2. I love wearing booties!:D I like the 4th and the 7th.:D

    Have a beautiful weekend too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. Booties are definitely on my Fall list. I remember exactly when booties first became popular--the year I graduated from college heh.

    I love your picks. My favorite is the JC one, too. So classy and elegant.

    Check out this link for water resistant product:


    pretty good deal

  4. I really like the second and third pair you posted. I have one pair of Dolce Vita booties, but I find them a bit uncomfortable. I think I need a better pair.

    BTW, I'd love to see your inspiration board when you put it together :)

  5. Ness: I think skinny ankles are a blessing! I have a couple friends who hate their "cankles" ;) You should flaunt them!

    Marie: Thank you Marie ;)

    Sydney: Oh, thanks! I really do need some of that stuff, especially since I love wearing suede in the Fall and Winter.

    ManoloChooLou: I love Dolce Vita shoes! I'm surprised your booties are uncomfortable. I guess you need another pair ;) I will definitely blog about my style board soon. I am collecting tons of pictures from the Fall magazines. Thank you again for the idea!

  6. OH gosh, I love them all! I am definitely feeling the peep toe though! I own a few pairs but they are more of an ankle boot than a real bootie. Ps I totally love that they are called 'booties' too!

  7. Great booties can't wait for fall !!
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    hope you can follow me too

  8. Emily: Maybe I should get a peep-toe pair AND one that is closed toe!

    Curves ahead makeup: Thank you for reading and commenting!

  9. great pics, wanna have a pair of the shoes ;)

    xoxo lala

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