I first heard about the brand Phyto from Laura (Lollipop26) on YouTube. Since then, many other beauty bloggers and YouTubers have mentioned the brand and I became curious to try it. I love experimenting with different haircare products. Even when I find a certain product or brand that I love, I stray very easily and am always up for trying something else. A few months ago before I went on vacation to New York and Ohio, I bought a little travel pack of Phyto products at Ulta. The kit contained a Phytocitrus shampoo, a leave-in cream to tame frizz, and the restructuring mask which is essentially a very deep conditioner. I should mention that the Phytocitrus line is meant for those of us with color treated hair, but there are other types of products by the brand that vary in their purposes. The shampoo was nice, but nothing really unique in my opinion. The leave-in cream is also good, and I actually still have some left over from the trip. But the standout was definitely the restructuring mask, and so I went to Sephora a couple of weekends ago and forked over the cash - $38 dollars to be exact. I know what you're thinking. The price is...pricey. How can I justify it?
~ This leaves my hair softer and silkier than any other deep conditioner I have ever tried. The ingredients contain: shea butter, grapefruit extracts, illipe plant butter, castor plant oil, and sweet almond protein.
~ Even after one use, the difference in my hair texture is noticeable, and I find that the results only intensify after continued use.
~ A little goes a long way! Once a week is really all you need. In between, I use Aussie's Deep moisture treatment, as well as Joico conditoner.
~ The consistency is very thick and rich, almost like a body butter.
~ The smell is slightly floral, but not overly so. I would say there really isn't much of a scent at all, which could actually be a con for some people who like their hair to be strongly scented after a shower.

~ The hefty price tag. Once this runs out, I'll probably wait a while before repurchasing. This type of product is more of a luxury and so it's not something I would continuously buy over and over. I just wanted to treat myself!
~The trial size I previously got in the travel kit came in a tube, which I actually prefer. The tub can get cumbersome in the shower because water can get into it while I'm applying the mask to my hair. It's just a matter of preference though. I know a lot of people like tubs instead of bottles.

My recommendation if you are interested is to go to Ulta or Sephora and look into their travel size kits. It's a much better way to try a product before spending some extra money. The travel kits were about 12-15 dollars I believe.

  Any more questions? Feel free to ask if I've left something out!


  1. Thanks for the review. I've been wanting to try this product out myself.


  2. Kamani: I hope this was somewhat helpful to you!

  3. I hadn't heard of this. I'll have to check out the trial size!

  4. i just used the phyto defrizzing serum stuff that I got in my sephora VIB bag and i swear I'm IN LOVE. Now I want other products from the line!

  5. Nicole: You should!

    Veronika: I can't wait to read your review! I'm happy that Phyto as a brand seems to have great products. I just wish they were less expensive!

  6. Thanks for the review! this has been on my list of things I want to try!!

  7. Cool review, you have beautiful hair so I'd be tempted to try anything you use =)

  8. Helena: I'm happy this was helpful!

    Kim: Awww, you are so sweet. I personally detest my hair most of the time!


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