I need to vent a little Readers, because well, who else is going to understand my fashion frustrations? I ordered this little jacket from Nordstrom. About a month ago.

Cute, right? I saw it on several blogs during the Anniversary Sale madness. I went to my store, but they informed me that the jacket was not available in my entire region. Not even 100 miles away from my region.
So I ordered it in Navy, size S.
When I received it in the mail, it was a horrid baby blue color.
I called Nordstrom, the lady was very sweet about the mix-up, and I exchanged it for the proper color.
It came in baby blue. TWO MORE TIMES!!! That color doesn't even exist on the website! It comes in heather gray, black, navy, eggplant, and taupe. No baby blue!
So the third time, I said I would take the black.
I come home from work today and to my dismay, I get a man's shirt. Not anything remotely resembling a jacket, period.

Does this look like the jacket?

Now, I love Nordstrom. I have been a loyal shopper for years now, and their customer service has never ever been short of stellar. But this is ridiculous! I'm just going to go to my Nordstrom in person instead of calling. If I can't get the jacket I want, then I'll be happy to at least get my money back.
Have any of you ever had a problem like this? It's just so surprising that this is stemming from such a reputable department store!
I still ♥ you, Nordies. But WTF?


  1. sorry to hear that ,,
    i get some troubles sometimes when i order stuff online ,, from the sates to the middle east ,,

    and the stupid people ship it regular mailing ,, not DHL not Fedex .. so it might take a month and a half to reach !

    and when am trying to contact them by emails ,, calling the store ,, trying to track down the shipment ,, bla bla ,, they r slow and they have bad customer services ,,

    so these kind of stuff made me always sure them to ship it the faster way even if its more money .

  2. I have an issue with Nordstrom, too. On the one hand they want to promote GREEN by using old boxes for shipment, on the other hand, they shipped every order I made in the past year (like about 10) in at least 2 and sometimes 3 different shipments per order. How ridiculous is that???

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  3. Princess Feef: I agree, sometimes paying a little extra money for better shipping is worth it! Thank you for your comment.

    Sydney: Yes, their packaging is a tad wasteful! My package was quite large! I am just so bummed because this was my first online order with them and I thought it would be so easy. I have never had an issue in-store, so I assumed that their online services would be just as excellent. Ooops, guess not huh?! I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt, but it is a little annoying to say the very least. I will enter the giveaway ;)

  4. Oh wow, that is so strange! Get your money back, that's just too much!

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    & Life According to Marie.

  5. My god! Like you said: completely ridiculous -_-

  6. oh my gosh. that's horrible and ridiculous! really really strange.

    <3, Mimi

  7. Ummm...wow!!!! That's pretty ridiculous!!! Hope that set it straight for you, they should throw in a gift card or something! =)

  8. Whaaaaat? This doesn't even make sense. I love the jacket (fab taste, lady!) but this is just ridiculous!
    xo Josie

  9. that is ridiculous and silly. why can't they get it together.

  10. How irritating! Something similar happened to me with Urban Outfitters: I ordered a dress in the pattern advertised on the website and got a completely different pattern in the mail and after 2 more rounds of cat and mouse with shipping I gave up and just returned it.
    The men's shirt is beyond me, that is so strange! I hope the return goes smoothly!

  11. That happened to me before but not with Nordstrom.

    I have always received great customer service from Nordstrom and I'm sure they will try to fix the problem but I understand your frustration.

    I hope it works out and you are able to get the color you want. :)

  12. Marie: It is too much isn't it? I hate to be negative on my blog, but this whole mix-up has caught me off guard!

    Gaby: Yes!

    Mimi: I think so too. I never expected this from Nordstrom. I'm pretty leery of ever purchasing on-line from them again, at least in the near future! I'll still hit up the store ;)

    Anh: That's what I'm thinking! Hehe, that would be wonderful of them!

    Josie: Thank you, I love it too! I'm pretty set on having it. I just need to get ahold of one. Any color but baby blue please! And no mens shirts either ;)

    Mikeala: Lol, *snap fingers* Get it together Nordstrom!

    Lynn: Oh wow Lynn, that sounds very similar to my dilemma! Well I'm glad to know that at least I'm not alone in these types of situations. I hope the return (or final exchange) goes smoothly too!

  13. Crystal: Thank you, I'm sure it will get solved one way or another ;) Nordstrom is great about returns, so I'm not worried about that. But I just really want the jacket! I'll let you know how it goes...

  14. Wow - that's insane - 3 times of the wrong color and then a man's shirt? I'm pretty forgiving of human errors but that's a little much.

  15. oh my goodness! How frustrating! You have so much patience!! Ive never had a problem with their website wonder what the heck happened! sorry love xo

  16. That is just too weird!
    Sucks too because that jacket is super cute.

  17. Tina: I agree! I'm pretty patient, but this is testing me!

    Andee: Thanks sweetie. I just went back to Nordtsrom yesterday and the girl was very nice. One more try! If it doesn't work this time, i'm done!

    Meghan: I know, it is really cute! That's what makes it so irritating!

  18. Love that jacket!And great blog:))
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  19. Wow, that's insane. I have had pretty pleasant experiences shopping with Nordstrom's so I am so horrified that this happened to you!!!!! It's completely unacceptable and unprofessional.


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