I hope you all had a fantastic weekend as usual. Thank you to everyone who commented on my Saturday post - the sweet compliments made me smile! I'm very happy that you all seem to enjoy date nights with the boyfriends/hubbys ;)
I did some shopping yesterday with my mom and I plan on sharing what I picked up sometime later this week. Work is extremely hectic right now, and so I don't have much time for myself again until Friday. But I always have time to do some quick swatches, these of a lipstick I got after I took six empty containers Back-To-MAC. I love a free lipstick! Technically not free since I spent a pretty penny on the six products I used up, but still a fun concept none the least. I picked out Shy Girl, my very first cremesheen. Love the name (it's appropriately titled for a girl like myself) and I love the soft peachy-pink color even more. I hope you aren't getting tired of my peach/pink/slightly coral lip colors. I have a problem and there's no help in sight!

No Flash

With Flash

On my lips.

I have read reviews that Shy Girl may run a little orange or a bit too light on some fair-skinned girls. I think this shade may look better on people with slightly more olive complexions, but I am not overly tan and I feel like it looks great. If you're uncertain if it will work for you, my best advice is to swatch it in person, and have one of the MUA's apply it on your own lips. That's what I did when I was hestitating at the counter, especially since you can't return lipsticks that you have Back-To-Mac for.
I will repurchase again and again! Aside from Nude Rose and Way To Love (both limited edition), Shy Girl is right there with my favorites. The cremesheen texture is a bit drying on my lips, and I still prefer lustres as they are slightly creamier and more glossy. However, some gloss on top solves the problem.

Do you own Shy Girl? What are your thoughts on the cremesheen formula?
♥ Noelle


  1. pretty! the color suits you

  2. I love shy girl. It looks so pretty on with a tan.

  3. that color looks great on you! It looks so good on but i'd never think to get it based on the color of it in the tube :) great choice!

  4. Jessica: Thank you sweetie!

    Ansa: It seems to have a cult following amongst many girls. I'm glad you like it too!

    Veronika: I know, right? That's exactly what I thought when I saw it at the counter. It sort of looked like a coral, and not a peach which is what I always thought it was. Then the MUA put some on my lips and it looked much different than in the tube. Definitely lighter than what it appears!

  5. This is SUCH a pretty color, especially on you! Lovely.
    xo Josie

  6. Amanda: It's a good one ;)

    Josie: Thank you ♥

  7. thats a lovely color ,, added to my wish-list =D haha

  8. When looking at it in the tube it really doesn't look like anything specail, but on your lips WOW! It looks so fantastic with your skintone!

  9. I like that colour, I will have to look out for it on my next trip to MAC

  10. Princess Feef and Henessy: I think it's worth looking at in person!

    Caitlin: Thank you ♥ As I said to Veronika, it does look way different on than in the tube. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have gotten it since I already have a couple coral lipsticks that lean orange.

  11. I love peachy pink lipsticks too.

    Lots of love,

  12. Golden: I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed!

  13. with your busy life, you still managed to stop by my blog and comment. It means a lot.

    I don't own a lot of mac lipsticks. The ones that i own are matte :) but this is a pretty shade.

  14. I like it very much! I'm a "Shy Girl" too, son it would be perfect for me, but in Spain there's no this brand


  15. Becky: Thank you. I love your blog!

    Andreia: No Mac in Spain? Aww I thought MAC was sold everwhere! I hope you can find something similar, I'm sure you can ;)


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