A kind reader left me a comment regarding my Tory Burch Flats. Are they worth the price and all the hype? Are they comfortable? I'll admit that when I first became interested in purchasing a pair of my own, I was very skeptical. The on-line reviews I read, especially on Nordstrom.com, weren't stellar. Many people claimed that the Revas were quite uncomfortable due to the elastized detail on the heels of the flats.

I will attempt to give my own little review, but please keep in mind that 1) I have only worn these four times thus far (albeit all four times I wore them all day long). 2) I have extremely narrow feet. 3) This is only based on my own experience! I will break this down into three parts:

Ok, so I think sizing is a definite issue for many. Overall, I would say that these run small. To be on the safe side, I would order a half size up. I am a size 6 1/2, but can sometimes bump up to a 7 depending on the brand or style of the shoe. However, after much contemplation, I  purchased my usual 6 1/2 and I have no regrets. I tried both the 6 1/2 and 7 on at the Tory Burch store. At first try, the 6 1/2 felt a bit too snug in the toe, but the heel felt perfect. I was curious to see if the 7 would provide more toe space, and it did. However, the heels were way too large and loose. When I took a few steps, the back of the heels kept falling down due to the ruching. I personally would rather have some very slight discomfort in the toe and have the possibility of some stretching than to have a shoe that is constantly feeling as if it's going to fall off my feet and magically turn into flip-flops ;) Again, I have very narrow feet and small toes. Someone with wider feet may or may not have this same problem choosing between sizes.

Overall, I can attest that the Revas are preeeetty comfortable, Sort of. Kind of. Not like my Gap flats (which are by far the most comfortable flats I own) but still comfy enough to get through an eight-hour day. I'm still getting used to them. They definitely mold to my feet, thanks to the softness of the leather and the heel detailing I have mentioned.  I do hope they stretch out a little because they are still tight. I am actually thinking of taking them to Nordstrom to have them stretched. I also wish that the soles were slightly more padded, but I'm sure if it really becomes a problem I can stick some squishy gel inserts into them. I rate comfort at about an 8.  In case anyone is interested, here are the dreamy Gap Flats that I could walk all day in:  Link: Studded Bow Ballet Flats On Sale!

Lastly, Cost Per Wear/ Appearance Factor:
I really do recommend the Revas, despite the fact they take some breaking in. If you are going to invest in a flat, it may as well be designed by Tory Burch because the woman knows what she's doing! The Revas (named affectionately after her own mother) are chic, timeless, and polished looking. I love staring down at my happy feet and seeing the shiny signature TB emblem. They undoubtedly go with every outfit, no matter what you are wearing. I can only speak for myself, but this was a smart purchase that will (hopefully) last for years to come.

Got any more questions? Just ask!
♥ Noelle


  1. Thanks for the review!:D I love Gap flats too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Marie: I know, I think the quality of Gap flats is superior. They could be more expensive (but thank goodness they are not!)

  3. The review is VERY helpful...thanks Noelle! I was thinking about getting a pair myself. What do you think about the ruching? Is it comfortable, or does it bother the back of your foot?

    <3, natasha

  4. Natasha: The ruching is cute, but a lot of the reviews I've seen mentioned how uncomfortable that makes the shoe. I personally haven't noticed an issue with the heel - the part that's a little uncomfortable for me is the toe because it's tight. That's why I'm thinking of getting them stretched. I suggest trying on a few pairs in different sizes before buying a pair. I wouldn't blindly buy them online without trying them on!

  5. Thanks for also posting your response on my blog :). I have tried on similar flats with ruching and didn't notice any discomfort. However, I tried it only for probably less than a minute, so I wasn't quite sure.

    <3, natasha

  6. I love tory burch! :) I always check their site for new arrivals. Im so addicted to their flats! :) the best and comfiest flats I own. I think i already have 7pairs from TB.


  7. Thanks for posting this review! I have been eye these flats for a while and that ruching in the back really does looking uncomfortable. I guess I have to run to the store and give them a try myself!

    Meanwhile the Gap ones are adorable!!!!


  8. Natasha: No problem!

    ilvoeshopping: Wow, 7 pairs? Lucky girl!

    Natalia: Yes, I would suggest trying them on in person. Sizing is the trickiest part about the Revas. Otherwise, the Gap flats are a no-brainer!

  9. Noelle! YAY! I was that kind reader that requested this review. Thank you so much, it was very helpful.

  10. Hi noelle! loved the review- very helpful!

    ps. i tagged you- feel free to play along :-)!


    hope you're having a great week! xoxo.

  11. I did a lap around the Nordstrom shoe department in a pair of Revas and while they were comfy, the medallion thing was bugging my toes. I will say that the most comfortable flats I own are by the brand Me Too.

  12. I LOVE Revas but don't own a pair. I bet once you break yours in they'll be super comfy... So classic and chic.
    xo Josie

  13. Happy Friday Noelle! ;)

    <3, natasha

  14. Loren: Good, I'm so happy I could be helpful to you!

    Tam: Thank you sweetie, I will play along next week when I have internet access again at home ;)

    Jordyn: Hmmm, yes I have read similar stories about the Revas and the medallion online. I actually have not had any problems with that (yet) but I am happy that you mentioned it here. I want my Readers to be informed if they ever decide to buy these. Just something to look out for, so thank you!

    Josie: I am wearing them now ;) They are definitely getting more and more comfortable for me. I love them!

    Natasha: Thank you sweetie, same to you!


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