I normally think of lipstains as being popular in the Summertime. No one wants to worry about goopy lip gloss and heavy lipsticks when the temps reach scorching levels. However, what about these pretty popsicle lips for Fall and Winter? Not so much huh? Well I didn't think so either until I kept wandering over to the displays in RiteAid and CVS these past couple of weeks. At first I resisted. I'm trying to keep my makeup buying to a minimum (although I do have some really lovely things to share with you, probably sometime next week). I've had mixed feelings about lip stains in the past, mainly because I find them extremely drying. But, Jessica Alba's ad campaign for Revlon convinced me to give them another try and while I was at it, I decided Maybelline's Color Sensational line needed some love too.

Top: Maybelline ColorSensational lipstain in Bitten Berry. Bottom: Revlon Just Bitten lipstain in Twilight.

Top: Twilight Bottom: Bitten Berry

The great thing about lipstains is that they last forever! I literally rubbed my hand raw trying to get the swatches off.
Can you see the remnants? As I type, I'm staring at two berry colored stripes ;)

The thing that I dislike about them is that they are sort of difficult to apply in the sense that they dry very quickly on the lips and can be hard to blend out. I suggest applying a lip balm over them. Note: The Revlon version comes with a balm on the end. I like the convenience of it, but I love love love the color of Maybelline's Bitten Berry. The great thing about these is that they give color to the lips, but the color is still more muted than using a lipstick or gloss. I think it's a wonderful option for those of us who can be timid and mostly wear nudes.

Revlon's Twilight, topped off with the balm it comes with. It can be layered and made quite dark.

Maybelline's Bitten Berry. So pretty! It's subtle but still gives that berry hint to the lips.

On another note, Happy Friday Dears! My internet has been down at my house, and it unfortunately won't be back to normal until next week. So here's the scenario on this stormy evening in Southern California: Yours Truly, a strawberry vivanno smoothie, noisy (sexually curious) pre-teens cackling in the seats behind mine, my trusty little laptop friend, and my local Starbucks. Well, I have about five in my near vicinity so note to self: go to a locale that isn't positioned next to a school on a Friday night =) The boyfriend is away all weekend. What a horrible time to have lost internet access at home!
Have a Beautiful Weekend,
♥ Noelle


  1. These are great, thanks for posting!:D

    Sorry about the internet thing, maybe it's a good time to read a good book or two.:D

    Have a wonderful weekend, Noelle!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Marie: What a concept - a book! Lol, yes I will do that Marie ;) I am currently reading a book called The Quarterlife Crisis and it's life changing! Have a wonderful weekend as well ♥

  3. I loove the lip colors! - The Quarterlife Crisis sounds like a great book too - I am going to have to download it to my Kindle!!

  4. i love the bitten berry! thanks for sharing :)

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  6. Oh noooo! I was out of internet service one week and I kept thinking..."what did I do when there was no such thing as the internet?" Then I remembered I was playing with dolls and watching Barney :)haha.

    I love Revlon's Twilight on you! The tint of color is all you need sometimes when going out!

    <3, natasha

  7. ahahah - i had to read more to realize you are actually in a starbucks with the sexually curious teens! heeheehe - that sucks! but at least u can be in a nice AC'd room with never-ending iced beverages. i've stopped using the AC since yesterday since it's been running for a week straight. oh - and i have no ice maker. color me jealous!
    re: the lipstains - i just saw the jessical biel ad for the Revlon Just Bitten, and after seeing your review pic - I think I'll have to go pick one up soon!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  8. love these shades you picked. I agree with what you said on how they dry quick and you wont have time to blend but i do love how they really stay on the lips for a long time :)

  9. great post lovely! ive been wondering about this! I tried the infallible lip color by loreal and still have the mark on my hand!!! post to come soon! I LOVE how natural these colors look on you xo

  10. live the lipstained look. come follow and vote xxo

  11. great review! thanks for this! i've been wanting to try these out too. :D

    <3, Mimi

  12. Natalia: Oh you should! I highly recommend it to anyone in their twenties. It's helping me so much during this crazy time in my life!

    Veronika: Your welcome ;)

    Natasha: I know! I feel like I can't survive without the internet! Especially now that I am a blogger. I'm always itching to blog, or to read what you girls are blogging about =)

    Vivian: We have stopped running the AC too and it's unvearable sometimes! When you live where we do, the AC is very important ;) Hang in there, I hope the ice maker gets straightened out. We use the little cube trays at my house ;)

    Becky: That's the only downside I see, they really are very drying. But they look so pretty! Lip balm is the perfect solution.

    Andee: Thanks love, can't wait to read your review!

    Fashion Ice: I need to check out out your blog!

    Mimi: Your welcome, I hope you do!


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