I bought this lace skirt yesterday while I was looking around Express. I was on the hunt for a black dress to wear to my friend's wedding in three weeks (she wants her guests to wear black if possible) and I am growing tired of the other thousand LBD's hanging in my closet. So I needed one thousand and one. Look for it to make an appearance on this little blog in a few weeks!  This lacey skirt is made of the same material as the dress, and I love the way it fits. Not like I needed another black lace skirt, but. Um. Yeah, I don't know. There's no way to justify this purchase other than I like it! And it doesn't ride up the bum like my other lace skirt from Forever 21.

I ended up wearing it out to dinner later in the afternoon. I've been schlepping around the house for the past couple of days and it felt good to put some heels and some lipgloss on!

Must. Get. New. Camera.

Black lace skirt: Express
Blazer with ruched sleeves: Necessary Objects Via Nordstrom
White top: Love 21
Chain necklaces: American Eagle
Patent peep toe pumps with bows: Unisa Via Marshalls
Creme leather bag: Juicy Couture, have owned it for years!

Is there anything you keep gravitating to in stores, even though you already own similar items in your closet? It needs to stop Readers, it needs to stop.
♥ Noelle


  1. That skirt is cute! Yes, I keep gravitating toward the color black...and yes, I need to stop! Black skirts, dresses, pants, blouses. My closet is organized by color, as it would appear in a rainbow [anal, i know ;)] and the black section is nearly half my wardrobe! I put myself on probation this summer. It was hard, but I wore/purchased very little black.

    Natasha xoxo

  2. I wear so much black. Cute skirt! Hope you are having a great week :)

  3. I really like the skirt - black lace skirts are quite versatile too. Dress it up super glam for evening or team it with something more demure for work. Fab :)

  4. I love me a lace skirt :) I am looking for a knee-length black one! yours is so cute!

  5. Cute skirt and I'm totally enamored over lace also. It's so cute and girly!

  6. love the skirt! i have one similar from target - well in black, cream and gray. loved it so much - plus on clearance for $4.48 - couldn't resist!! i wear them with boots, flats, tights, heels, button downs, tweed blazer, sweaters, you name it, i'll pair a lace skirt w/it.

  7. Looks so cute on you! Ya, I definitely just keep going towards black, anything black, well actually anything black white or grey. Haha. Oh well. lol

  8. Natasha: That's how my closet is too! I just reorganized everything, and black is the largest section.

    Kelly and Sara: Thank you, I hope you girls are having a great week too.

    ifoundpablo: I agree, black skirts go with everything and that's why I love them!

    Veronika: I hope you find one! I know you have a hard time with length. I do too, but because of the opposite reason ;)

    Mere: Thank you! You can never dismiss the power of lace =)

    Deanna: God, I love Target! What a steal!

    Cupcake Couture: Thank you! I am the same way - I love black, white, and grey.

  9. Nice skirt!:D

    I always seem to buy cardigans, scarves, and bags. I should stop.

    ***** Marie *****

  10. Great look, as usual!
    I have been going crazy on cardigans and jewelry (and scarves!) lately, I am reigning it in this month!
    Can I ask what your ethnicity is, you're so striking!

  11. nice skirt! and yes, lately i've noticed that i keep buying yellow boyfriend shirts. haha. it does need to stop! ;)

    <3, Mimi

  12. You look beautiful it this picture! Lovely outfit!

  13. You look cute as usual!! I always gravitate towards black which I need to stop but it is so flattering and slimming which I need on this body hehe!


  14. It looks great sweetie!!! I love the outfit!!

    XOXO, CC


  15. Marie: I'm the same way with cardigans too. I literally own..let me count...I think around 12!

    Andi: My mom is Mexican and my dad is English, Irish, and German =) Quite a mix!

    Mimi: That's something I need! I can't believe I don't own any button downs!

    Sweetmouse24: Thank you so much!

    Ashley: I love black, anytime anywhere! It's always appropriate (and yes, very slimming)

    Miss Cupcake: Thanks Doll =) Make more Youtube vids!

  16. Love the lace skirt...and whole outfit!


  17. So cute! I really want a lace skirt!I actaully got a really cute little lace Jakcet from Lauren Conrad's Kohl collection, love it!

  18. Pretty! You look classically chic in your outfit. And the lace skirt adds just a little bit of trendy appeal.

    I need to stop buying black pencil skirts. I have far too many and really, when I'm wearing them, they all look the same!
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