Good 'ol Jack. Jack Johnson and his music always puts me in a peaceful mood, one in which I can pretend I am on a beach in Hawaii, digging my toes into the sand and listening to the waves clapping against the shore. I get this type of wishful thinking when I am unsure about things, and right now I sort of am. I got a new job Readers! It's much closer to home than my previous job (nine miles to be exact) and it is at a school/residential center for kids with behavioral problems and emotional traumas. My job is going to be to work with the younger kids in the dorm, mainly just watch over them and make sure they aren't getting into trouble. I'm nervous because I've never really worked with kids before, and I'm not sure how good I will be at it. But I'm also very excited to get out of an office environment and do something totally different than what I was doing as an administrative assistant. Plus, I'll really get to see first hand the things I learned about in college.

So I sit. I don't start until next week. And I wait. And...why not wish for really extravagant things? I'm a dreamer, this is what I do.

A Burberry Cashmere Scarf, cuz it gets very cold here in Southern California ;)

I must admit that I've never really bought into the LV madness before, but the Damier Speedy 30 is oh so pretty, and I just love a bag resting comfortably on my arm.

I love Michael Kors, and his watches are a classic. This one in particular is my favorite. Love the mother of pearl face.

Rebecca Minkoff leather pouches. This item, out of all of my crazy fantasies, is very possible to attain =)

And of course, because the boyfriend is sick of hearing about it...
Now I know these things are quite unrealistic at the moment, but that's why it's called A Wishlist! What are you obsessing over these days?


  1. Hi...just came across your blog...LOVELY!

    Love all of your current obessions...I'm in the market for Loeffler Randall's over the knee boots in a size 5...SO SO HARD TO COME BY IN SUCH A SMALL SIZE...still waiting and looking...won't settle for anything but!

  2. Congratulations on the new job luv!! Love your wishlist I want the LV speedy bag too but in a different print, a Gold Michael Kors watch (although I have seen the one you want and its gorgeous too) and one day I hope to get the Chanel bag x

  3. Working with kids is very rewarding. I am a certified teacher in NJ and in California but I had a slight career change! Although I don't miss the small paychecks, the drama with budget cuts, and some crazy adminstration that you'll encounter, I do miss the children. Their innocent, sweet faces that are just so eager to learn and to hear any stories that you may have.

    I love kids (As long as they are not my own...haha)

    Good Luck!

    (BTW totally agree with on that LV and Kors watch, and the Chanel it's on my xmas wishlist... highly doubt it but we'll see)


  4. We have similar tastes my friend! Are you going to JJ tonight or soon? We go tonight to the Verizon Ampitheater - can't wait!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  5. Currently Loving: Oooo, I've seen those boots and they are spectacular! I am the same way when it comes to my obsessing. If it isn't the exact thing I want, I won't settle for anything else!

    Henessy: Thank you sweetie =) I hope we both get what we want one day!

    Natalia: Thank you for sharing. It's sad that teachers have to go through so much drama and politics, when they all deserve much more money and recognition for helping children learn and grow. I hate that our society values celebrities more than people who are actually affecting lives in such a huge way. But thank you for the good luck wish, I may need it!

    Vivian: Oh Gosh, I wish I was going! I remember hearing about the show months ago, and the bf and I were planning on buying tix but we never did ;( Someday though! I must see Jack live someday! Have a great time Dear and think of me when this song comes on =)

  6. Congrats on your new job sweetie!!!

    I LOVE your wish list items...I'm wishing for that that LV and Chanel as well..hehe!!!

    Hope you're having a great night!!

    XOXO, CC


  7. i would love a burberry cashmere scarf, chanel bag, and michael kors watch too! and the speedy is just perfect, i love mine. :D

    congrats and good luck with your new job! :)

    <3, Mimi

  8. Ah yes the Chanel bag - classic, elegant, sleek - it's not just about the bag either, it's about the history of the bag - all of the images of glamorous women of the past sporting a 2.55

  9. Miss Cupcake: Thank you sweetie!

    Mimi: I'm so envious you already have a speedy ;)

    Ifoundpablo: so true! They will never go out of style and that's why they are such an investment!

  10. The bottom three things I want sooo badly!

  11. Amber: I will, thank you for reminding me! I saw your post about it, and then I had to run out the door.

    R May A: Well I'm happy to be in good company (and good taste too) =)

  12. That is so bizarre! I started a new position on Monday as well :). It is also a lot closer to my home than my previous one, and a definitely more challenging. CONGRATS! I'm sure you will be a fabulous mentor for the kids.

    Natasha xoxo

  13. A speedy and a flap bag are great buys, you won't regret it!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  14. seriously my "wishlist" is so long :) i really want the proenza schouler satchel, acne shearling jacket and some all saint moto boots!

  15. Natasha: Thanks Dear =) Same to you!

    Marie: That's good to know Marie! I don't want to regret such big purchases! But I know I wouldn't.

    Andee: Sign me up for those wishlist items too!


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