The thing I've discovered about following amazingly-gorgeous-creative-inspiring fashion bloggers is that their style sort of rubs off on you. Or at least it tends to rub off on me. My style is continually evolving, and thank Heaven for that! I've made some serious blunders in my day! Here are two new additions to my wardrobe, courtesy of  seriously fab fashion girls.

The striped top is from Forever 21, inspired by Vivian of Diamonds and Tulle.
The floral cami is from Target, and it has previously been spotted on Chloe. It looks great with grey!

I also purchased this from Forever 21's Love 21 line.
I love how flowy it is, and the little pocket is so cute. No. More. Lace. That's it, I'm starting to resemble my great-grandmother again. I do this so much. I fasten on to a certain trend I love each season, and then I buy it in bulk!

And this was too cute for words. I purchased it on Shopruche.com
I thought of you Katie ♥ Every girl loves Audrey.

One last thing Readers. I need some advice. I just bought these leather taupe boots from TJ-Maxx. The brand is dv by Dolce Vita
I just don't know what I think of them, so I may return them.
Pros: They are flat, comfortable, and good quality. They can also be worn over the knee
Cons: I want true brown or camel colored flat boots. Plus, I'm just not sure if these look "right" on me.

I need your input! Please let me know what you think!


  1. love those tops, especially that lace one.
    about the boots - they are so cute!

  2. those tops are really beautiful - great additions to your closet! and the boots, i think they look good on you, and it's good that it's comfy and can be worn over the knee. i'm not a big fan of the color though. but i say keep it. :D

    <3, Mimi

  3. A La Moda: Thank you ;)

    Mimi: I agree, the color is one thing that i'm really unsure of. If they were straight brown I'd be in love! In some lighting they look more grey, but at the store they looked more brownish. I already have a pair of black boots so I really want a warmer color. Hmmmmmm....

  4. Love all of your new purchases! I wanted that Target cami after seeing it on Chloe, too. I like the boots, but my only problem would be finding enough outfits to pair with the color; if you think you have enough outfit choices in your closet, I say keep them because they are really cute!

  5. I would have never guessed you liked tattoos! I have two and want more! lol. I have always loved foot tattoo, so be sure to share if you get that one!

    to be 100% honest. . I'm not sold on the boots. They are cute, but they don't scream 'I'm hott and worth my money!' Of course if you keep them I know you'll style them up and they'll look great, but if you're having doubts then I say return them and wait for the right pair. I bought and returned so many boots last year because they weren't exactly what i was looking for, and then this year I've found 4 pair that are perfect!! So I've decided sometimes waiting is good. Hopefully you won't have to wait a whole year. lol

  6. Great new buys! I've been thinking about buying that Target tank too after seeing it on Chloe, can't wait to see how you style it!

    I would pass on the boots, something is off.

  7. Amanda, Emily, and Andi: Thanks for your honesty girls! I almost always shop alone, so I don't have another set of eyes to help me when I'm being completely indecisive. My gut tells me to take them back, so I'm going to. Maybe someone else will love them ;) So, the hunt continues...if anyone has any flat/brown boot suggestions, let me know! I don't want to spend too much.

  8. I don't love the boots but they are OK! I would opt for cognac boots because they are so versatile.

    i love the other items you got!

  9. I love everything on this post---seriously! The stripes are so cute right now and that lace top is adorable. From the picture here I think the boots are cute.

  10. V: Cognac would be ideal! I'm looking...and yes, I am most definitely taking them back. I just don't love them enough to keep them. I like the JS boots you got! I am dying for flats though!

    Mere: Thank you sweetie!

  11. Can you believe I haven't added any lace into my wardrobe!? That shirt is throwing me over the edge, I am going to order it ASAP.Are you wearing a cami underneath it?

    As far as the boots, I don't love them. The large fold over reminds me of pirate boots. (Sorry if I offend you). I also think a Cognac color would match with a lot more stuff.

  12. Natalia: LOL, no you didn't offend me at all. I'm just happy that I have honest readers to tell me when I make a mistake! Another great thing about having a blog ;) I am taking them back tomorrow!

    Yes, I am wearing a cami underneath because the top is completely sheer. It's beautiful though, I am happy I added it to my lace pile ;)

  13. I think the boots look great but if you think it's not the color you are looking for, maybe just return them.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  14. Woman- I am going to reach through the computer and grab that necklace! I'm in love and on the hunt for it! Also love all the tops..I can't really tell about the boots..I think I need to see them in person!I say keep them! Love you!

  15. Stripes are always a must!

  16. You must keep the boots..you will regret it if you don't...I have been seeing those boots and the similar colors in magazines...keep'em!! hahaha Cute closet additions...the pocket on the lace tee keeps it modern and not maternal..hahaha and the 'Audrey' locket..loves!

  17. Marie: Always good advice my dear!

    Katie: You will get one, I know it!

    Emilie: I am loving stripes these days, definitely a must.

    Dye-A-Graham: Thank you for your advice, I appreciate it! I am going to return them though, simply because I'm not in love with them on me. I think it's best. But you never know, I might regret it later...I hope not!

  18. thats a gorgeous lace shirt lovely!

  19. ps if your already second guessing those boots i would return them for sure. Sounds like you know exactly what your looking for xo


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