Thursday I posted some recent purchases, and I desperately needed your help with a pair of boots I was very iffy about. I got mixed reviews on them: some said I should keep them, others said the color or style was a bit off, and yet another lovely girl said they looked like pirate boots! No offense taken Natalia =) I adore Johnny Depp in Pirates of The Caribbean but I don't want to resemble him. I decided to return them yesterday morning. I mulled the boots over, and although I orginally loved their appearance on the shelf in the store, once I got them home and tried them on I was certain they weren't for me. I just needed some opinions to confirm my own thoughts. Thank you for the feedback, I really loved hearing what you girls all had to say. Your honesty was just what I needed!

My Sephora Friends and Family goodies arrived yesterday as well. I strayed quite a bit from my original wishlist. I skipped the NARS blush because I wanted to buy some from MAC instead. I also decided to forgo Benefit's Skinny Jeans creme shadow, although I'm sure I'll want it again in the future. Here's what I got:
Lancome Artliner in Noir, BE Buxom Mascara, UDPP in the LE Pro Tube, and Smith's Rosebud Salve. Three random samples were also included.

I stopped into the MAC counter to purchase two blushes. One is part of the Tartan Tale collection called My Highland Honey. It has no shimmer and is the perfect peachy-orange. The second blush has a cult following - Pink Swoon (permanent). Kardashian cheeks, here I come!
They are much more color saturated in person. The camera reads them as being muted, but they are not. Expect swatches and or reviews coming soon!

My OOTD (Friday)

Striped top with puffy shoulders - Forever 21
Chain necklaces - American Eagle
Jeans - Express. Please bring this style back! I don't like the new styles and washes
Green flats - Zara

Have I ever mentioned I have a ballet flat obsession? These are quite possibly my favorite. I love the combination of the green with the navy stripes in my top.

I am going to a Halloween party tonight! What are your plans?
♥ Noelle


  1. Love your outfit; I have an obsession with flats as well! I really need to try the UDPP; I have heard so many good things about it. Have fun at the Halloween party tonight; my fiance and I are going to one too tonight!

  2. I am also headed to a Halloween party tonight, I cannot wait to see pictures of your costume!


  3. Nice haul.:D Pink Swoon is nice and I like your flats!:D

    Have a wonderful weekend!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  4. Amanda: I have been using UDPP for about a year and a half now and it's on my can't-live-without list! I have oily lids and this keeps my shadow on all day. Have fun tonight!

    Ashley: I will take a picture and post it when I get a chance! Have fun tonight!

    Marie: Thank you, have a wonderful weekend as well =)

  5. I love the green in the flats with the stripes, it's a nice combo!

  6. oh the tartan collection...I am obsessed...just got one of the e/s sets and I am just wanting the entire darn collection now...but I'm resisting! :) i still have to get pink swoon. I had it years ago and used it all up.

  7. Mere: Thank you

    V: I just saw your haul! I am envious of the great things you picked out ;)

  8. Dear, I LOVE your pretty, bright green flats and adorable striped top! Too cute.
    xo Josie

  9. Josie: Thanks Doll =) The flats are so fun!

    Isabella: Thank you!


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