I will preface by saying that once upon a time, I was very much anti-cape. They just didn't seem practical to me and I didn't think they flattered my body type. I love big winter coats and jackets, but I have an extremely hard time finding the perfect fit. I'm petite, but I also have curves and so coats are either too long, too fitted throughout the arms, and too loose in the waist. *Frustration!* Enter capes and swingy coats, the best alternative to my dilemma. They aren't tight at all in the arms, and they are supposed to be loose in the waist! Why didn't I give them a chance before? It amazes me how picky and unwilling I once was to trying things on and giving them a fair shot before making up my mind. I did some shopping a few days ago and found so many cute capes and fun swing coats.

I would be thrilled to own this by Juicy Couture. I tried one on and I fell in love, but the price was too high. I even debated buying online using Juicy's 30% off Cyber Monday discount, but it was still too much for my little wallet. I hope to one day have it in my posession, or at least a version of it. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I did manage to bring this home with me and I can't wait to wear it!

I had my reservations because of the overall shape. I thought it might overwhelm my small frame and make me look bigger and shorter, but it actually is quite flattering (I think). I tried it on with my Banana Republic super skinnies and black suede pumps and the effect is really cute. I have to be careful with it though. Any form of bagginess on my lower half and I'll absolutely look like a slob. Or a teal sack of potatos. But playing with proportions is fun, and come to think of it, I don't own any jeans that aren't skinny so I'm set. The boyfriend probably won't get it, but I'm ok with that =)

Have you found your perfect coat this year?
♥ Noelle


  1. so cute!! i, too, am warming up to capes, and really want one.

  2. I like it..I never gave capes a shot either..maybe I will try one..let me know how you like it after wearing it! See you soon!

  3. At first I thought capes were silly and only meant for the tall and rail-thin too, but they ARE cute and flattering! I love the teal one you snagged -- the color and shape are funky and I can see how it would look awesome with skinny jeans! Your boyfriend will come around, haha! The JC one is adorable as well, but ugh, their stuff is definitely pricey!

  4. Hi Noelle, I gave you a blog award. Check it out on my blog :)


  5. I have found a few coats that I really love this year, and especially one from Express that caught my eye, but it's now sold out:( I should have bought it as soon as I saw it! It was camel-colored and perfect. I love this cape idea though. I've never owned a cape!

    Oh, and no I didn't come up with that blog challenge idea on my own. I actually got it from a blog I follow called Spread Your Wings and Fly. I hope I don't get too bored with it! haha

  6. I love capes and I'm as tall as you. I love wearing capes with skinny jeans, it's just the perfect combination and I avoid wearing flats with it.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. Mikaela: Thank you, I hope you find one you like!

    Katie: I will definitely let you know how I like wearing it.

    Amy: Yes, boys are so fickle sometimes =)I usually just give him a big smile and tell him to leave the fashion-y stuff to me!

    Lilly: Oh thank you, that's so sweet! I will take a look at it this weekend after work!

    Jessica: Express always has some really great coats!
    I like the blog challenge so I hope you stick with it! It's fun to read.

    Marie: I agree, heels are a must with the swing coat. Otherwise it looks off!

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  9. It's adorable! I think it will look awesome on you!


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