I first heard about Chanel's stunning Fall collection while casually flipping through Allure magazine the last time I payed a visit to my hair salon. I wanted to cut the page out and save it, but instead I made note of the July release date. I only own Chanel's Black Pearl, one of my favorite nail colors to wear. I also won Riva, a pale baby blue, through a blog giveaway.

The price tag of a Chanel polish pushes me away, but I knew I wasn't going to even try to resist this time.

So I went to Bloomingdales last Friday. They didn't have the collection in yet. I went to Macy's. They didn't have it either. I went to Saks and they didn't have it. Ugh.......

Then I went to Nordstrom, where lo and behold...they did have the collection. *Smiles all around.*

Graphite was the color I coveted most.
A unique mix of silver, gold. I can't quite explain it.
It is amazing!

Peridot is what I've always wanted from the trendy duochrome polishes.
It's a mix of stark, tarnished gold with hints of turquoise and green.
Trendy, but still chic and sophisticated.

With flash

Without flash

Of course my camera doesn't do them justice, which is heartbreaking for me as a beauty blogger. I really hope you will check them out in person.

My new obsessions for the upcoming Fall season.

What do you think?


  1. Very pretty! I never bought anything from Chanel, I didn't even know they carried nail polish, but the colors are very pretty and unique!

  2. oh my gosh, i love both colors! :D

    <3, Mimi

  3. Those are fabulous colors! Great choices!


  4. Thank you girls, they definitely are unique! I am in love!

  5. Beautiful colors! I can't decided which one I like better...love both :)

  6. loving both colours...the duo-chrome reminds me of a scarab beatle...so cool!
    I was in love with Chanel Paradoxal last year, and these new colors looks great. Leave it to chanel to come up with amazing color ideas.

  7. OMMMG WHY?! i am SOOO on a nail polish ban.. but these fall colors with the metallic coloring is SOOOOO PRETTY!!!!

  8. I was the same way about choosing which color I liked best...I couldn't decide so I got both lol. I am such a polish addict!

  9. Of course Nordies had it! :) Love the graphite color...so rich!

  10. Yay Noelle, so glad you got these, they're beautiful!

  11. Natasha: Nordies is the best, hands down. They never stop impressing me!

    Andi: Thank you sweetie!

  12. go Noedle! adore this. thanks for another lovely post. I hope you have an amazing weekend. Would love if you'd check out my latest pick for Fabulous Friday and see who fell at the bottom and top of Fash Boulevard's Fash Fave and Fash Fail of the week. Thanks love. xoxo


  13. The colours look so lovely, I LOVE graphite! Even someone like me who doesn't wear nail varnish at all, I WANT IT :L

  14. Choiii: Ooo, that's exciting since you don't care for nail color. I say...go for it and treat yourself!

  15. Sophisticated colors! Thanks for the swatches.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  16. Graphite looks beautiful may have to purchase it xx<3

  17. Marie: No problem! I love swatches!

    LauraMck: If I had to recommend one, it would be Graphite! Think of all the use you'll get from it. Perfect color for Fall/Winter!


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