Happy 4th of July everyone! And, happy birthday, America!

I hope everyone is loving the long holiday weekend as much as I am. It is definitely needed. I did a little bit of shopping on Friday and I wanted to share the things I got. I don't do these posts as often as I used to, mainly because I think showing new clothes in outfits or doing reviews about the makeup I buy is more useful to you as readers. But, sometimes it's fun to just do a shopping post.

The obligatory "haul".

Gorgeous, flattering dress from Zara. It's part of their new collection and it was the last one in my size (small). I love the pretty lace. The cotton is extemely soft and it's so comfortable I could sleep in it. Don't worry girls - I won't.

I love the little keyhole in the back. The tiny button looks like an abalone shell. Can't wait to wear this. It's such a soft nude that I think I could pair it with just about anything.

How would you wear it? What colors/shoes/accessories?
 I'm thinking brights! Then with other neutrals come Fall.

This flowy chiffon top is from Nordstrom. Notice a nude theme?

Again, I'm all about the details.

From Ulta: China Glaze Shocking Pink (neon). Remember this post? Yup, still into the whole dayglo thing. I've been searching for Essie's Pink Parka, but can't find it. I think the China Glaze is close enough!

I also got one of NYX's new Soft Matte Lip Cremes and a trial size of Living Proof's No Frizz Wave Styling Creme. My hair is a frizzy bleeping mess this time of year and I am so tired of blowdrying it. Hopefully this is a miracle, but I'm very skeptical.

Reviews/swatches of everything to come!

I also picked up a couple more polishes, two very very special nail polishes. That will be my next post.



  1. Ooo love the blouse and dress...both are so pretty and something I want to have in my own closet! LOVE! Happy 4th...hope you have a great day! :)

  2. Love that dress- Zara is the best!


  3. I have shocking pink it is a very bright/neon colour which I love!! I want more neon polishes too.

  4. great haul :) I love me a hot pink nail polish!

  5. Can't wait to see you wear these gorgeous items! :)

  6. oh my gosh I'm completely in love with that dress from zara!
    off to the website to see if they have any in stock - so pretty :)

  7. Thank you for the comments girls =) You will be seeing everything in future posts!

  8. i love these white pieces! its so refreshing :) i'm excited to see that zara dress on you! xoxo


  9. DYING over that beautiful Zara dress!
    xo Josie

  10. pretty blouse. I saw it @ nordstroms but I wasnt sure how to accessorize/what to wear it with. would love to how you put it together

  11. Love love the first dress from Zara!! Soo pretty!! And China Glaze always has te funnest ( is that a word lol?) shades!

    XO Lindsay

  12. Beautiful colors! I just love that dress

  13. Thank you Dears =)

    Anonymous: I know it's a rather billowy shape, boxy really. But I plan on wearing it with a bandage skirt. I think the proportions will work out well together. Or, I would also wear the top with skinny jeans and a belted waist. I'll show you how I do it soon in a post!

  14. I've been loving my NYX soft matte lip creme. You?:D

    ***** Marie *****


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