Let's be honest: Finding the perfect nude lipstick can be tricky. Most I've come across in the past have been failures. Too light, too peach, too pink, too brown, too chalky. I've been looking for something that enhances my natural lip color. My lips, only better.

L'Oreal Fairest Nude
With flash

Natural light

It's much hyped about on YouTube, and now I know why. It really is the most beautiful, natural looking lipstick I've ever seen. I really like the mauve undertone, as it brings out my lips while still looking understated and soft.

My gripe is the scent, very old fashioned if you get my drift. In fact, my mother used to wear nothing but L'oreal lipstick when I was growing up, and I distinctly remember the smell while I traced it around my little 6 year old lips.
However, I digress. I happily overlook the scent because I have found my perfect nude.

Have you found yours?


  1. Of all the blogs I ready, time and time again I find myself purchasing your recommendations more than any other bloggers. Appreciate the recommendations!

  2. Anonymous: Thank you, that is truly one of the nicest comments I have ever received! It means a lot =) I am no expert, but I always stand behind my reviews/raves. Thank you again!

  3. Great colour, Im not sure if L'oreal still test on animals so I try not to buy their products :/ Love this colour though :)xx

  4. Computergirl: Oh dear, I had no idea! I need to start doing more research on things like that because I'm a huge animal lover. Yes, I do adore the color though. Thank you for commenting and letting us know. It's always important to be informed and then make your own decision.

  5. I agree this is a great color, but I can't get over the smell. It's to strong for me and gives me a headache. =(

  6. Such a great color!! I totally know what smell you're talking about, ick! But if it's a perfect shade then the smell is totally do-able


  7. Sweet as honey blog: I agree that the smell can be extremely offputting! I think I can get past it because it does remind me of my childhood ;) However, are you listening L'Oreal? Maybe a change is needed!

    Becca: Thank you ;) It would be nice if it smelled the way Mac lipsticks do - yummy vanilla!

  8. This does look like the perfect shade, I will be on the lookout for this!

  9. I actually just got this lipstick over the weekend and I am really loving it. I read Sarah's post on Bella Makeup and was inspired to try it and I just LOVE it. I agree the scent isn't as nice as the MAC vanilla scent or other similar lipsticks but its not too bad and I can't believe the gorgeous color for the price. I actually like this just as much as my Tom Ford Rose Dusk lipstick and this is much more affordable.

  10. I love that color and I LOVE the scent! It takes me back to my childhood:)

  11. That shade of lipstick is gorgeous on you! Have a great week! xo, tasha

  12. That looks so lovely on you - I'll have to check it out! Is it long-lasting?

    I haven't found my perfect nude color - I just like mixing MAC's creme de nude with other lipsticks (i.e. MAC's Angel for a pinkish nude, Barry M's Rose for a rosy nude).

  13. Tara: I think it would look great on you too ;)

    Jennifer: Wow, what a great testiment to fairest Nude! If it can beat out Tom Ford...well, 'nuf said!

    A: It really does! I think L'oreal lipsticks have such a distinct smell.

    Natasha: Thank you sweetie, have a wonderful week as well!

    Ella: I wouldn't say it's any longer lasting than other lipsticks I've tried such as MAC or Revlon. But the lasting power is nice. I actually own Creme de Nude too, and also must mix it with other shades. Otherwise, it is far too light!

  14. This is a great colour, I am on the look out for my perfect pale pink and hot fuschia shade.
    I've just come across your blog and love it. Would you like to follow each other?
    Robbie x


  15. Robbie: I think a great fuschia is fuschia by Revlon! It's from the colorburst line. As for pale pink, I really think MAC has some great ones. Creme Cup and Hue come to mind ;)

  16. omgosh seriously that nude is AM-MAH-ZING on you!!! seriously so crazy gorgeous!!!

  17. great natural color!


  18. Hmm, I never smelled my loreal..actually I don't think I have ever worn L lipstick? But this is a beautiful nude and I sort of have the same coloring as you...might be worth a try...just ran out of my Chanel nude/pink and although it was really pretty i am not convinced it was worth the 28 dollar price tag...SUCH a drugstore makeup junkie....lol.

  19. Lisa and Erica: Thank you!

    Carly: I know what you mean about high price tags. I love Chanel makeup, but always cringe whenever I buy something from their counter because it's so expensive. No guilt with the drugstore!

  20. I like this and Cherish by MAC.:D

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