I just don't know what it is with me and "Naked" palettes. I know the Too Faced version has been around just as long as Urban Decay's, but it wasn't until I went into Sephora last week that I finally took notice.

It comes with nine shadows, a little brush, and how-to cards that instruct you on different looks to try.

Without flash


Now let's compare...


Did I really need this? No, of course not. But it came home with me anyway and my 20% off VIB coupon is to blame. I must say though, the shadows are gorgeous. I love that the Too Faced Naked Eye palette is much more cooler in tone then that of the Urban Decay. The quality is definitely comparable though. Both palettes contain smooth, pigmented, and easy to work with shadows that can be layered, mixed, and worn in a variety of ways. I've worn the top row of the Too Faced palette for three days straight and I love the look. Very easy to wear during the week.

Do you girls own the Too Faced Naked Eye Palette?

♥ Noelle


  1. I have the Naked Palette but I actually don't wear it as often as I thought I would. I prefer the Too Faced because the shadows are more matte than the glitter fest of Urban Decay.

    xo, alison*elle

  2. Alison elle: I agree that the Too faced is less shimmery/glittery. They just have a really nice sheen!

  3. i love the too faced palettes! I really want the romantic one because i love the purple and olive color in them. this one is beautiful too.

    i really love matte shadows mixed with shimmer, so i agree with alison, i prefer the too faced.

  4. I have both as well. I love the too faced one so much! I like doing a smokey eye with birthday suit, satin sheets and unmentionables! Love the naked palette for more brown-ish looks :)

  5. I don't, but I feel like I have to now! :)

  6. glad to know about the quality being about the same :) i have heard of this palette too but hadn't tried it.
    xox dana

  7. I love that there's a nice light pink in this one, that is such a versatile and pretty color.

  8. These colors are beautiful. I'm so glad you shared this!!

  9. mybeadifullife: I almost chose the romantic palette instead of this one! That olive color really is pretty, it caught my eyes too. I actually love all of the Too Faced eyeshadow palettes I have seen. The matte one looks nice too.

    Pamela: I like the UD for brownish looks too. This is a great one for taupes :)

    G.: Blogs can be enabling!

    Dana @ wonder forest: Take a look if you're ever in a Sephora. It is about 36 dollars.

    Andi: It is very pretty. It has some gold shimmer running though it. I think I'm going to wear it over my lids tomorrow!

    Just Another Shopaholic: Good, I'm glad it was helpful!

  10. I really want the Naked Palette! This is not helping! :)

  11. love these shades. thanks for the great write up. adore this post. thanks for sharing. I've got a new post all about pushing your style to the edge. Love to hear what you think. Thanks, love. xo


  12. I've heard good things about the Too Faced palette - and seen it featured in many lovely make-up looks. Personally I don't think I'd be able to work with the cooler tones (with my coloring)...but I do hope to own the UD Naked palette one day :-)

    Can't wait to see your FOTDs with this!

  13. Natasha: You should break down and get it girl!

    Fash Boulevard: I just saw your post, you look very glam :)

    Ella: I still recommend the UD Naked palette. I keep hearing people say that they don't care for it but I can't for the life of me understand why! Yes, some shades are quite shimmery, but they still aren't over the top. I don't know...I love it! You should get it Ella!

  14. I have the natural eye one as well as this one, and they are both equally great. I like how they have the cards showing you how to apply to get a certain look, helps when your not very make up savvy like myself. lol
    glad you enjoyed and luv your blog! -Jenny

  15. Anon: Yeah, I think the cards are a fun detail. I haven't actually used them, but I'm sure I will. Thank you for reading :)

  16. I own it and am obsessed! I've wanted the Naked palette for awhile though too.


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