This goes without saying girls...I love flats. If you have read this blog at all, you know that! Simple, embellished, bows, leopard, colorful, glitter. You name the style, and I'll wear it! Flats are just practical for me and my current lifestyle. I think if I worked in an office or a corporate environment, I would probably wear heels to work. Since I don't, I save the heels for weekends and nights out.

I recently saw Tiffany's YouTube Video on her flats collection. I was drooling. Watch the video and keep your eye out for her Prada bow flats. They are to die for! Anyway, she inspired me to take inventory of my own collection.

Nine pairs total. Hmmm, less then I thought. Good! I don't feel so bad now.

Top row: Steve Madden (I've had these for years, and you can tell), Juicy Couture (my first flats ever).
Bottom row: Tory Burch Revas, Zara black ballerinas.

Top row: Circa Joan and David peeptoes, Zara ballerinas
Bottom row: Enzo Angiolini, Vera Wang Lavender, Kelly green Zaras

How many flats do you own? What's your favorite pair? I couldn't pick one!

♥ Noelle


  1. LOVE your flats collection Noelle! Flats are my go to shoes.
    Funny, I was going to do a post as well about my flats. Great minds think alike ;)

    My favorite pair are my two tone flats (I actually just posted about them as I finally tracked them down online). I had to order another pair. :)

  2. love your tory burch!!!

  3. Nice collection! I actually don't find flats all that comfortable... the only ones I can wear are the Michael Kors Fulton Moccasins which I own in a bunch of different colours.

    xo, alison*elle

  4. Nice collection there. I would have more but have weird feet :( xx

  5. I have a good amount of flats too! I love the Vera Wang Lavender ones...SO pretty! :)

  6. i love me too flats. i have a pair with a big black flower on the front. they are very comfy and padded.

    that's the only flats i own though! i guess i'm unusual. i love shoes, don't get me wrong, but i'm happy with my black pair, and i'd rather buy makeup, lol.

  7. i just noticed that almost all your flats have bows on them! so cute.

  8. They are all so cute...my faves are the leopard and vera wang ones :)

  9. wow you have some great pairs of flats!!! I don't really have that many, just my tory burch ones :)

  10. I have like, one pair or flats, lol! I find them uncomfortable and feel like I walk funny when I wear them, I do better in heels :)

    You have some gorgeous ones here though, I might have to rethink my stance on flats

  11. These are all so cute! I think flats are so chic, I just wish I could pull them off!

  12. Thank you for the comments girls! I know a lot of you actually feel much more comfortable in heels. It isn't the first time I've heard someone tell me that, and flats actually hurt their feet. I am the complete opposite! I think maybe it's because I grew up wearing flip flops and sandals? Maybe that's why. I also didn't start wearing heels until college, and I know many of you started much, much younger than that.

  13. Love the collection. I think I only own two pairs of flats. I love heels to much to let go :) xo, tasha

  14. I LOVE your pretty collection of flats! I'm an addict too, no worries. I'm especially loving the teal ones and of course the Tory Burches!
    xo Josie

  15. lovely collection! now, im thinking of doing an inventory of my flats :)


  16. I think you have an amazing amazing blog. This post is one of my favourite yet!Follow each other? :)


  17. You have a nice collection, thanks for sharing. My favorite would be the Enzo, I am loving that bow.:D

    I have 8.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  18. As much as I despise your flats, I get it, the accessorize head to toe. The flats make it easy. I love you in heels, but they aren't an extension of your personality, whereas flats are added flare to complete the ensemble with the little bows n emblems n plastic trinkets. Love ya babe.

  19. You're nuts babe! LOL, I was like "oh no, what jerk is leaving me my first nasty comment?" Haha, I know you like me in heels, but they kinda hurt most of the time. Maybe you should buy me a pair of Jimmy Choos or Christian Loubs...then I'll wear them more often ;) Love you hubs!

  20. love!! omgosh the convo you are having with your hubs above made me LOL :)! so adorable!

    i love your flats collection!! especially those vera wang one's i always drool over those when i'm at the mall!

  21. OMG your flats collection is amazing! I love flats too but your collection is TDF. Which ones are your favorites? I love the VW sparkle bow ones! :)

  22. Love love love flats!

    I've cut down on my flats and started investing in nicer pairs...my go-to are always Tommy Hilfiger : )

  23. Nice collection of flats. I'm addicted to flats, I'm up to about 35 pairs. My latest flats addiction is to Tory Burch Reva flats. I'm up to 5 pairs but what the heck a guys gotta treat himself right to. These are my Revas http://www.flickr.com/photos/39715038@N00/6808072797/in/photostream

    My favorite ones are my peacock feather blue Revas http://www.flickr.com/photos/39715038@N00/6771870037/in/photostream

    Have great day


    1. This is an old post but it certainly still holds true. We LOVE our flats. About the time you posted this was about the same time I bought my first pair of Tory Burch Reva flats. After my first pair of TB black patent Reva flats I was "bitten" by the Tory Burch bug. Since my last post my collection has grown. In the past three years my collection of TB flats (and sandals and boots) is approaching 50 pairs. Still love the TB Revas but also like her collections of Carolines, Eddies, Rubys, Yorks and Paceys. They can also be seen here. https://davisbe.wordpress.com/2014/08/25/my-world-is-flats/
      Hope you are still loving your Revas.

      Great post and thanks for sharing.


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