Wearing: Express dress, old (loving this and this for Spring)
Olivia Moon blazer, similar
Zara pumps
Kate Spade bag, similar here and here
Anthropologie necklace, similar here and here
Fossil watch, here in rose gold!

Just another date night look for you girls! Lately instead of going out on Friday, the hubs and I like to delegate Thursday nights for doing something special together. And by special, I mean stuffing our faces with delicious food and having a couple beverages of the adult kind. We recently started doing this because by the time Thursday rolled around, we were both so tired and mentally depleted by work that we just couldn't wait until Friday. On this particular evening, my sister-in-law worked her magic on my hair and it was another good excuse to go out. I never waste a good hair moment, no matter what day of the week it is ;)

How was your weekend?!


  1. Stuffing your face with food is pretty darn special. lol. Fabulous hair and outfit is the perfect excuse for a date night!


  2. "...I never waste a good hair moment..." WISE words. LOL. If I'm having a good hair day, people are going to see it, even if it means the gas station attendant, Starbucks barista and the Target cashier!! :) But I love your date night outfit, and I think I might have to get Find me an Oasis. I have Mint Candy apple but this looks like a lighter, whiter version, which is right up my alley.
    On the Daily Express

    1. I think you'd love find me an oasis! I've worn it on my nails two weeks in a row, and that's very rare! It's such a light shade of soft blue, and it does contain a lot of white undertones. It's actually really neutral looking. I'm not a huge fan of light blues on my skin tone, but this one is great :)

  3. Thank you girls! I love getting my hair done, it's one of my favorite treats!

  4. Such a pretty dress! Your hair looks amazing! I always have a good hair day when I have to place to go haha.

  5. Thank you Sheila and Lilly :)


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