This was supposed to go live yesterday, but my internet is down so I'm working from Starbucks. Can I just say, I love it! Why don't I do this more often? Not only can I get free wifi, but I can also grab a cup of iced coffee or green tea. And, there's no puppy whimpering at my feet begging to play. Genius.

Anyway, I posted my Fall must-haves last week, and now as promised, it is time for my blogger friends to share theirs as well. Here we go!

From sunny San Diego, Gina: Her blog is On The Daily Express
In Southern California, Fall feels similar to Summer but with less daylight and generally cooler evenings. That means the knee boots and blanket scarves that are popular on blogs this time of year are completely impractical here. I can still wear all of my summer clothes, but I do like to modify my style a little bit, and this year my fall must-haves can be summed up by this picture: Olive and Wine:

Image: Source 

I'm wearing the same lightweight fabrics and cuts as I did in the summer but I swapped out my usual greens and pinks for olive green and red wine-inspired shades.

I wear my white jeans year round, but for Summer I paired them with my Barcelona cami in coral: 

I've worn virtually the same outfit recently, but just by switching to a burgundy cami instead it makes me feel like I'm wearing a Fall outfit:

In the spring I opted for this bright green Portofino Shirt with jeans and leopard pumps:

Then I took the same outfit formula (green top + jeans + leopard pumps) but changed the top to olive green to give it a Fall look:

I'm wearing the exact same shirt and pants in the next two outfits, but changing the shoes from pink to burgundy (of course!) and the bag from yellow to leopard took me from Spring to Fall:

The Fall version:

So for me, my fall must-haves are more about color than anything else. Even if the climate doesn't change much it's nice to feel current just by making a few simple color changes to my outfits!

Next up is Rachelle from Florida. Her blog is Pinksole

Berry lips that I achieve with Estee Lauder Pure Color envy lipstick in plum berry and Nars lipgloss in sixties fan. Wearing both here:

I love any shade of deep red, so I am obsessed with my deep garnet bucket bag from J.Crew.

A utility vest is a must for Fall. I live in South Florida so this is perfect to layer without dying of  a heat stroke.

Last but not least, I love a nice pair of cognac booties, I have my eyes on this pair.

Carylee is from St. Louis and her blog is More Pieces of Me

Plaid shirts because anything plus plaid = an outfit!

Booties! All of the booties! My favorite are the Sam Edelman Petty boot. I have them in three colors - wine, putty, and leopard. They're perfect with skinnies, or even with bare legs when it's not quite cool enough yet!

The puffer vest. Oh my goodness, I bought the infamous herringbone one last year, and quickly added a few more to my collection since then. They're such a great layering piece, and surprisingly warm despite not having any sleeves!

Wine colored skinnies - I have five pairs in slightly different hues (maybe more) because they are on such high rotation.

The chambray - I do wear chambrays year-round, but I reach for them a lot more as it starts getting cooler for layering. It's lightweight but still provides enough extra warmth.

And last but not least, Zeba from Canada. Her blog is Ella Pretty Blog.

1. Shirt Dresses

2. Blanket Scarves

3. Tweed Jackets

4. Ginger tea and a good book

5. Lots of plaid!

I hope you enjoyed reading, and I also hope these lists inspire you to incorporate some of their favorites into your Fall season!


  1. Fun to see how all our picks are different, I do agree with Caryl on the plaid shirt totally forgot about them. Ella is also right about the tweed jacket, I have a light one that should come out to play soon. Like Gina I mostly play with colors as I can wear all my Summer clothing year round. Awesome post!


  2. This is a great resource, Noelle! I loved that you covered the entire country! Color is definitely a big role in the seasons. I love Cali weather but I think I would be lost if I couldn't layer! Ha! Thanks for the feature!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

  3. Love this feature so much! I love how Gina kept her outfits the same but switched the colors up! And Rachelle's bucket bag is everything...it's so gorgeous! And like Carylee...I'm totally thinking of getting a puffer jacket this year (I've already bought one from Old Navy but may return it for a different color). Also - her chambray shirt is so pretty :-)

  4. What a great post, Noelle! Thanks for letting me be a part of it. There is actually less overlap than I thought there would be in the responses so it's fun to see how each of us interpret the seasons. I only own one plaid shirt, so I think I might be the least plaid-loving blogger in all of blog-dom. I do like it...I just don't gravitate to it as much as others I guess!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  5. Great post with some very informative tips. I have been looking for the perfect fall lip color. So glad Rachelle shared hers!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  6. So fun! I love everyone's picks!


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