Wearing //
Soprano dress, check B.P. Nordstrom 
Sole Society booties, similar but love these!
Express bag and bracelet, similar
Beauty //
Essie nails in Size Matters
Glo Minerals blush in Bellini

Sometimes I think that as style bloggers, we are too vain to post outfits that we are perhaps a little unsure of. Nobody wants to make a fool of themselves, especially on social media and the web. Well, this is one of those outfits for me. I love dresses and booties on others, but on me? Totally on the fence! My first inclination was to pair this swing dress with little heels in an effort to elongate my legs, but because it was cool enough to finally break out my little boots, I decided to go for the more casual route. I loved it while I was wearing it, but looking back on the pictures, I'm uncertain that it works. Funny how that goes! You think you look fabulous until you see photographic proof. I'm posting this anyway because number one, I don't have anything else planned for Beautygirl24 this week and number 2, why not? I'm proud for stepping out of my comfort zone. I think next time, a shorter dress will be more successful with booties. But for my first try, I guess this will do :)

I can say one thing - This dress feels like lounge wear, and I'm in love. I plan on wearing it next with an olive moto jacket and...heels. 


  1. I really like it, I've worn booties with dresses, sneakers with dresses. It just makes the look a bit edgy and I love that.


  2. I like it, you look great! It's always difficult to step out of your comfort zone, but usually it's worth it and results in great looks and new ideas. :) xx

    1. Thank you Hanna, I definitely agree. It's better to try new things once every so often than get stuck in a rut!

  3. I like it too. I think booties go with almost anything :) Will check out the dress at Nordstrom...you sold it :)

    I find it hard to get out of my comfort zone too. I attempt it once a week or so but I always feel slightly self conscious.

    1. Good, I hope you will! It's a very flattering dress that I think anybody can wear. It can be dressed up or down. Swing dresses are very popular right now.

      I didn't feel self-conscious while I was wearing it because my hubby really liked it. I felt good! I think photographs give you a better sense though than a mirror (or a sweet hubby). I like it, but next time will wear a shorter dress or skirt with the booties.

  4. I definitely think the dress + booties works and like Rachelle said, it's just a little more edgy vs. feminine (as it would be with heels). As you said, I do like the idea of a slightly shorter dress/skirt just to show a little more skin and elongate the leg a bit more. But I'm glad you shared these pics anyway because it's helpful to see and hear what you do/don't like and learn from it!
    Gina | On the Daily Express

    1. Heels are always my first thought with dresses, but I didn't want to look like I was heading to the office LOL. But I think trusting your initial gut is best, and next time I wear booties with a dress, it'll be a shorter one so my legs don't look like tree stumps!

  5. I hate when outfits don't photograph as well as I felt while wearing it. But this outfit isn't one of those...it looks great! I love dresses with booties! So cute!



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