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I think camel and navy is such a classic color combination. I remember seeing it a lot last year, and this outfit has been in my head ever since. The only problem was, I didn't own much navy so when I saw this dress on sale, I knew I had to have it so I could get my navy fix. I already own the printed version so I wasn't ordering blindly. However, this is a petite size 6, and the other is a regular size 6 so I am glad I can see the difference! The proportions are much better, and the straps don't slip off like the other dress. I try to shop petite as often as I can, but if it's not available, I just go for it. I tell myself I will get alterations but that rarely happens. I'm a lazy petite. 

Speaking of rare, why the heck is it so hot in October? It was 95 degrees at the beach on Saturday. At the beach. In October. What? I'm so confused!

What's your favorite Fall color combination? 


  1. Great combo, I have a very similar navy dress. We do have a lot of similar pieces. You look lovely.


  2. it is definitely a classic combination. so sophisticated.
    great dress! it's definitely one that can last through many seasons! =)


  3. This is such a pretty dress and such a classy color combo! I love navy but don't have a lot of it because I find I have a hard time styling it. It is gorgeous with camel...but then I don't have a lot of camel, either! LOL. Anyway, yes, it's been way too hot for October. I expect it to be warm with occasional hot days, but this is kind of insane.
    Gina | On the Daily Express

  4. I love it when you do not have to order blindly. That is a great dress, and it fits you really well. Looks like the petite was a good choice. I cannot believe it has been that hot there. We are still having some 80 degree days mixed in with cooler ones. Love your bag!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  5. Thank you ladies! It's strange how hot it's been in California, but I guess that just means I get to wear my dresses and strappy heels a little bit longer ;)

  6. YASSSSS! More heels and dresses! I love seeing those gorgeous stems of yours wifey;)

  7. I'm wondering where fall is too! We had a little glimpse of it and now it's gone :( I love this color combo! At least we can wear summer styles in fall color combos to get us through :) Love this outfit!



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