2015 wasn't my favorite year if I'm going to be frank. Not to say that it was terrible, or that some personal growth didn't occur because I believe that every year we are alive is a chance for self-improvement. But it was a bit lackluster. Not much changed in my world, aside from watching dear friends get married, continuing to help at-risk children through my work, and teaching my puppy to better behave herself. That was a feat in itself!

I have gotten closer to a point where I feel more comfortable in my own skin, albeit there's always something to complain about. I think I stayed true to my personal style - classic pieces with fun accessories thrown into the mix to keep things fresh. Here are my gems from 2015.

If you have questions on anything you've seen, let me know in the comments and I'll be sure to answer them!

One last thing that just happened and that was a definite highlight of my year was meeting some new (and true) blogging friends last week. Caryl flew in to visit family, Rachelle, Charnele, and Daphnee came from Miami on vacation, and Gina was sweet enough to pick the spot for this momentous occasion! I can't recap the experience as brilliantly as they have, but I do want to share a few pictures from the lunch. 

Pacific Coast Grill

We devoured the creme brulee

Rachelle, Caryl, Gina

Added in these lovely ladies, Daphnee on the left and Charnele next to me

Then, Rachelle did something epic. She became my photographer! Move over Nate :)

She let me borrow her sunglasses

Thank you Rachelle!

Pretty good, right?! I really hope we can all get together again next year because our personalities mesh so well and I truly adore these women. 

I truly adore all of you too. Thank you so much for another year of supporting this little blog, and for bringing me so much joy. I started this journey years ago, and although blogging has changed tremendously and I've struggled to keep up, I still love it more than ever. I hope 2016 is fruitful for us all. More to come...


  1. First, I've always loved your feminine style! It's always so playful and girly and classic and light and airy! So many positive words to describe your style! I'm so happy I've gotten a chance to know you more through blogging and snapchat! Last week's lunch was most definitely a 2015 highlight! Happy New Year, Noelle!!

  2. Loving this post for so many reasons! For one, it's so fun to look back at your outfits and remember some of my favorites. Plus it's just a great way to get an overall feel for your style. Also love the meetup recap! (Of course! Ha ha!) It really was one of the best days of 2015 for me! Looking forward to spending more time with you in 2016!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  3. I so love your classic style, you are a natural beauty so taking your pics is a piece of cake. So happy we became friends this year. xoxo Hope you are having a fun NYE.

  4. You have great style girl! I love the striped coat with the pink heels look. My 2015 has been pretty lackluster as well but every year as you said is an opportunity for growth! Keep doing you girl!


  5. You had such a stylish year! Happy New Year Noelle!

  6. Here's to 2016! It sounds like you accomplished a lot in 2015 to me. I didn't know you worked with at-risk kiddos. What do you do? Isn't it strange, I feel like I know you but I don't know basic things like your occupation. You had such a stylish year! I love the recap. Every time one of you posts about your meet up, I feel a little sad I wasn't there too, ha. So many amazing ladies! I love the blogging world.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    1. Hi pretty lady! Yes, I've vaguely mentioned this before but I work for a non profit that helps to support at-risk youth. I used to work in the group homes where residents get intensive treatment, but now I mainly work with foster kids in their placements. I act as a mentor really, and try to connect them with resources that will improve their lives. It's great, but very draining emotionally. Ive done this for a long time so I'm ready for the next step hopefully this year!


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