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Happy new year! So it's 2016 huh? That just sounds crazy to me. It'll probably take at least a month to get my dates right. My co-workers will undoubtedly get a little fed up with seeing 2015 on my documentation but that's one area I struggle with every January! Anyway, I hope you all had a great holiday season! Like most of you, I'm sad the playtime is over. My vacation was interesting. We are in the process of trying to sell our condo so we can upgrade to a house, so realtors and possible buyers were in and out most days. This is my first foray into the real estate world and I must admit that it's pretty awkward due to the fact that we are still living here. I feel like people are judging my decorating. And my cleaning. And, what's that pitbull doing in the corner of the living room? Luckily Nettie is a social butterfly and has been enjoying the flow of strangers. 

That's what's going on lately. I've also been reading about new year's resolutions, naturally. Although I don't mind seeing what others have in mind for their "new year, new you" thing, I am sticking to my no-resolution pact. As in, my resolution is to have no resolution because I am terrible at keeping them. I'm also really terrible with change. I need a giant push to make any life altering decisions, so usually Nate has to coach me, kicking and screaming the whole way, until I realize that the change was actually necessary. 

As for blogging, I'll still be here. I've been doing this since 2009. I'm not going anywhere. My only goal is to keep it as organic and as real as possible, because all of the cookie cutter blogs that are so popular personally bore the hell out of me. But that's for another day to discuss if I ever get the courage :) 

Do you ladies make resolutions? What are you looking forward to this year?


  1. We are so much alike! I don't make resolutions and I hate change! We've sold two homes and we lived in both while selling them so I totally know what you mean about having people in your home. Your coat is so gorgeous! The color is beautiful and the ruffle detail is so unique!


  2. Happy New Year, Noelle! That coat is gorgeous (that colour!)... I personally don't believe in/make resolutions so I'm with you on that one :)

  3. So happy to see this coat in a nice photo like this. It looked great on Snapchat but it's even more gorgeous here! I totally understand about not being into resolutions (although I am definitely a resolution/goal person), and change can be scary! But I'm glad Nate is there to encourage you. Can't wait for your post on cookie cutter blogs! haha!!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  4. Happy new year Noelle :) what an awesome coat you have on. Burgundy is my absolute favourite colour and it looks amazing on you...

    Some notes on your thoughts:
    1. good luck with house hunting and the move. I love my big space and even though I hated moving i take it 10 times over a condo.
    2. I also always write the previous year (so 2015) for a good month ;)
    3. I don't make resolutions, only decisions and plans to carry them...usually on my birthday though
    4. Thank you for continuing to keep your blog real. I have taken so many blogs off my reader because I dislike cookie-cutter-ness (hahah) too. So tired of shopping links and everyone dressing the same. I even rant to my hubby about it :D Yours is still one of my top 5 blogs :)

    1. Your readership and support mean SO much to me! You have been such a sweet, honest blog friend and I truly appreciate that! This is why I still enjoy the community. Yes, it's changed and I often feel like I'm reading infomercials instead of blogs but there are still some good bloggers out there who do it because they love it. Again, thank you for reading :)

  5. Good luck selling your condo! We are in a condo too and probably stuck here for awhile due to declining home values, but luckily we love it here :) I really love the color of your coat, so pretty!

  6. It was the opposite to me...I was telling everyone Happy New Year right after Christmas! lol I guess I couldn't wait for the year to end. Such a pretty coat on you, love the color!

    We Shop in Heels

  7. You look gorgeous in burgundy, I don't make resolutions as well but I love to revisit my goals. Specially after the spending and eating fest of the holidays I have to get back on track with saving, eating healthy and working out. But these are things I wore on year round. Good luck on the house hunting!


  8. Thank you ladies all so much! Happy 2016 :)

  9. i just feel like resolutions can focus too much on negatives and failures verses positives. I'm all for a clean slate and getting recharged and motivated but I do agree that these are things you can do mid year too and not just at New Year's! And I loooove this coat! It is so gorgeous. The ruffle detail kills me! So glad you aren't going anywhere. My blog feed would feel a void without you!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com

  10. I don't make resolutions but around this time I do sort of naturally reflect on whether I could make any meaningful changes. But I'm nerd like when it comes to self reflection and personal development type stuff so really, I'm isually reflecting year round. Happy new year. :)

  11. Love the burgundy ruffle coat - especially with those glasses and lipstick - so gorgeous! Laughing so much at the cookie cutter blog comment! As blogs become more monetized and work with brands - I feel like the voices are less personal ...which is one of the most important aspects of blogging! I can see how it can be a struggle to be brand friendly as a blogger - but my goal is to work with brands I love while still staying true to myself and my readers. As for the blogs I now follow - there are a few I love (yours included!) because it feels like a chatty text or email from a friend!

  12. What a beautiful coat -- looks like burgundy is the color of the week (seeing it on a lot of bloggers today, including myself!). Happy 2016 -- great to find you through Pink Sole.


    1. Thank you Alyson! I'm very aware of your blog, I hope you come back to visit! I love "meeting" new blog friends.


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