It's been a few months since I talked about the things that have been occupying my brain lately, but I really miss doing these so I hope you enjoy this quick read today! I'm sure many of you can appreciate a break from the usual outfit photos and beauty products, especially since it's almost time for the weekend and time to unwind.

So what am I loving? Marble! Everywhere I turn, I see the marble trend. Whether it be in decor or on jewelry, the pretty stone is inescapable. It's such a clean, simple way to accent anything and it looks so chic. Because it's neutral, you can incorporate it into practically every taste or range of styles. Who knows how long the trend will last, but for the time being, bring on the Instagram flatlays of anything on a giant slab of marble.

Do you like this trend, or is it getting a little cliche?


  1. VERY NICE!!!


  2. I'm loving it too, because it is so clean.


  3. The lamp and watch are my favorites!

  4. Oh how funny...I had not even realized marble was "trending" but now that you mention it, I realize I do see it all the time. Personally I love it because just like Rachelle said, it has such a clean look!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  5. I love the marble trend! I just picked up a gorgeous marble tray from target and I can't get enough. I also have a marble laptop case.

  6. I love marble too! It's so fun to see it in all the home decor stuff now too.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style


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