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Target jacket, similar 
Banana Republic top, similar here and here
Loft jeans, similar
Sole Society heels, similar
Halogen bag, similar
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There's not much else in life I enjoy more than a good Sunday brunch. It doesn't even have to be a boozy brunch, although a good mimosa doesn't hurt. Bubbles in the morning can go one of two ways - it can jumpstart my day or it can render me completely useless. Most of the time, I don't put too much thought into what to wear. When it's Sunday, anything goes and I see that reflected in the places where we frequent. There's always a good mix of older people, extended families, and young ladies who look like they are in desperate need of a little hair of the dog. Hey, I've been there!

Anyway, my favorite spot to lazily enjoy Sunday mornings is Temecula Creek Inn, and that's exactly where we went. The restaurant overlooks the golf course, and though I don't know a thing about golfing, I do find the scenery beautiful. There was a group of fashionable girls sitting next to our table that I couldn't help but admire. One was wearing a beige mini dress with black booties and I made a mental note that I want to put a similar look together. If I saw it on Pinterest, it would have been immediately added to one of my boards. Does anyone else do this? I love people watching, and I honestly get so much inspiration when I'm just out and about doing mundane things. In fact, I chose this particular outfit after seeing these colors on a girl at Starbucks. Green and white...go figure!


  1. Beautiful outfit! I love all of these colors paired together!!

  2. I actually took a mental note to copy your outfit for my Sunday brunch date:D so yes I copy ppl's outfits too or I shall say get inspired by them.

    So jealous you are wearing sandals. We had 51cm of snow in one day (broke all time record) and I doubt spring will be here anytime before early April...

    1. Awww that's so sweet! That makes me so happy because I hope I can offer outfit ideas to ladies with similar style!

      I hope you get an early spring! Sending warm wishes your way ;)

  3. This is such a chic look, I love these jeans.


  4. That is the perfect white jacket, I love it!

  5. Ha! That's funny that you chose Starbucks colors after seeing them on someone in Starbucks....it wasn't an employee, was it? LOL! (kidding of course!) And yes, I love checking out outfits in real life as if it's a walking Pinterest feed. And when I see something I like, I mentally dissect it to see if I have similar pieces or could get them. Glad I'm not alone! Your brunch outfit is so classic and polished. I'm sure you were the best dressed person there!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  6. Love everything about this outfit!

  7. I love olive, it's such a beautiful color. I especially love your shoes!


  8. Oh I so love people watching and getting style inspiration from people...but I have a terrible memory - so i always prefer having a picture to refer to! Love the combo of olive and white!


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