I was sent these products by Glo Minerals a couple of months ago, but as with any beauty post, I like to really take my time on reviewing them so I can fully test how they will wear. It seems disingenuous when I read beauty blogs and I can tell they have only used the product once. Major eye roll!

Anyway, cream eye shadow products have never been a staple for me. I have fairly oily eyelids so cream products don't exactly make much sense. However, Glo is such a great brand with a heavy leaning towards skincare so I kept an open mind and wore these in several ways.

First, I tried them all over the lid on top of my favorite primer. The formula felt sticky for a few seconds and I worried about creasing. However, after going to dinner and a movie one night, my eyes still looked nice six hours later. Admittedly I was surprised because I was certain the color would wear off. There was a bit of creasing, but nothing a little light blending couldn't fix.

Next, I tried layering a similar powdered shadow on top. This is probably my favorite way to use these, as the powder provides an extra barrier and there was zero creasing. Plus, the cream stick underneath made the look more intense in color. The lasting power would be perfect for a long day at work or evening out.

Lastly, I have used these as liners smudged into my lashline. The black is perfect for a smokey eye, but I also love the browns and plums for a sultry yet still natural wash of color. They are super easy to blend.

From left to right: 
Beam, Gold Blush, Keepsake, Metro, Concord, Pitch

Beam is hands-down my favorite because it can be used to highlight anywhere! I use it in the inner corners of my eyes, underneath my eyes, and on my brow bones. It's such a beautiful champagne shade that I don't plan on buying any similar products anytime soon.

Gold Blush and Keepsake are the shadows I have been wearing the most on my eyes out of the six. The brown/bronze is the most flattering and easiest to wear on a daily basis. I just sweep them on and go, especially when I'm extra lazy about wearing makeup. They blend together perfectly and should really be made as a set.

As you can see, some have shimmer and some don't. The shimmer is more of a subtle gleam. You can barely see Beam on my hand, which is why I love using it to highlight. It translates to a bright, wide-eyed look on my fair skin. The rest swatch very true to how they appear on the eyes. The pigmentation is rich and goes on smoothly. It dries down to a powder, but still looks more glossy than regular eye shadow.

Out of the six, I recommend Beam (as a highlight), Gold Blush, Keepsake, and Pitch (as a liner). Metro and Concord are gorgeous, but I don't gravitate towards smokey eyes so I haven't had much use for them.

If you have any questions, let me know! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend 😊


  1. I'm on a strict shopping ban now lol but these sound amazing.


  2. I like the subtle shimmer instead of LOOK AT ME I'm ALL SHIMMERY!

    The Adored Life

  3. I just tried my first products from them - the cream lipstick and eye shadow palette. I love the products. I don't usually go for a cream shadow either because of the creasing, but this one sounds good.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    1. I'm happy you like the brand too! I wish they were sold at places like Ulta, but I also appreciate that they are a growing brand.

  4. I'm putting in an order right now! Getting a couple of these and some lip crayons.

    1. Awesome! The lip crayons are great too, such pretty colors! Enjoy :)

  5. I typically avoid cream eye shadows because I find they crease easily. These sounds lovely though! I love the shades and how rich the colors are!

  6. Thank you ladies! Glo has so many fabulous products in their line. Definitely worth checking out!

  7. These colors are so very pretty! Glad you found a few in this batch that worked out for you. I really need to go back and look up the post where you recommended a lip scrub though because my lips have been needing something like that lately!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  8. I always love your reviews and appreciate the time you take to fully test items out before writing about them <3 The first 2 colours on the left look so pretty...but the funny thing is that I hardly wear eyeshadow - Im more of a nude shadow + cat liner type of girl ;-) But I'm working on learning to apply shadow in a way that I love.


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