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I have a picture hanging on my loft wall that says, "Though she be but little, she is fierce." My best friend gave it to me as a housewarming present, and as I sit here typing this, I can't help but read it over and over again. I think you know I've been in a mood for a few weeks. I haven't decided what triggered it, but I was struggling to function as I normally do and I was falling back into bad habits and negative thinking. All the work I'd been doing to increase my mood seemed to be slipping away, and I honestly didn't even care. Being positive takes energy! It doesn't come easily for me like it seems to for some, but that's mostly my fault. I have to make a conscious effort to be happy and instead of asking for help, I tend to sulk. I was stuck in a rut until I went to visit one of the only people that can snap me out of it. I was honest with her about some things that had been troubling me, and you know what she did? She said that everything is going to be okay, and that she loves me. And just like that, I was back to feeling like myself again. That's it. Those words were what I needed to hear, as simple as it sounds. I don't need a self-help book, or a new pair of fabulous shoes, or a giant glass of wine (though I love all of those). I just need to remember what's really important, who's really important. In times of weakness, I need to remind myself to keep going, and that eventually I'll find peace through my own strength, in my own time.

It's almost Thanksgiving here, and now more than ever, I really want to thank those of you who stop by to read. Your kindness means a lot to me, and I appreciate every single one of you who take the time out of your day to come by and comment. Or to those that come by and don't.

I'm taking a few days off from blogging but I'll be back next week. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your friends and family.


  1. Take care of yourself, Noelle! <3

  2. Happy early Thanksgiving Noelle. You will get through this <3
    Love your outfit btw :)

  3. Being positive is like an exercise regimen, you have to constantly work at it. Some people are naturally more athletic than others, but you can do it. I hope you get out of the rut and be the beautiful, smart and thoughtful person you truly are. xoxo and take care of yourself.


  4. I am so glad you have a really amazing support system in your bestie (and your husband!) and that you were able to get a boost when you needed it! I also agree with Rachelle about how much work it really takes to remain positive! It may not come as naturally for some people as it seems on the outside! Hang in there and I hope you have a great holiday. We should make some time to get together soon. :)
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  5. Happy Thanksgiving - and thank goodness for friends who help us feel better. I tend to retreat when things are upsetting me - but when I do share my worries with friends - it's amazing how they can make me feel better and realize that what I'm dealing with is not that bad. Sending you lots of love!

  6. I am glad yo hear you are feeling more like yourself again! It's seriously tough work to be positive. In some situations I need to kind of mull them over for a day or two before I can look at them in a positive light. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. This was a great and honest post, as your posts usually are! I'm sorry to read about your struggles, but am glad you have a solid support system to help snap you out of it when you need it. It's funny that you say that you have trouble staying positive because I see you as one of the most kind-hearted, genuine, and inspiring people I know! So know that even if you view yourself with some imperfections, your imperfections are still another person's inspiration!
    Carylee | http://morepiecesofme.com


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