I've been visiting Palm Springs since I was a kid. My grandpa lived there with his partner until he passed away a few years ago, so my parents took me as often as they could.

I loved driving by the giant white windmills along the way; it meant that the mirage in the desert was real, and that we were getting closer. We'd spend the day swimming, lounging by the pool, and grabbing lunch somewhere in town. Palm Springs was a part of my childhood.

Now as an adult, I can go as often as I please but I rarely do! I think for the longest time I associated it with my grandfather so it was difficult to make the trip without missing him. I feel like the area has seen an insurgence of younger people, cultural events, and plenty of luxury resorts that has given Palm Springs new life.

Here are some highlights from our day over the weekend -  you may want to look into these if you ever find yourself in old Hollywood's home away from home.

{This private residence in Palm Springs is simply known as "the pink door." Perfect photo op for Instagram, but I felt very sheepish taking a photo of somebody's home. They even include it in tours!}

Parker Palm Springs

This is probably the hottest spot in town! The Parker feels like luxury. Built in 1959 but more recently renovated by Jonathan Adler, every corner has something interesting to see. Definitely go to their speakeasy-style bar called Counter Reformation. Nate and I loved the romantic vibe.

The Saguaro

I first heard of the Saguaro when my best friend stayed there last year and she sent me photos of all the colorful decor and buildings. This place is crazy bright! The energy of this resort, especially the pool area, is fun and youthful. It would be perfect for a girls' weekend or birthday. 

{ I wore this palm print sweatshirt. Appropriate, no?}

The Strip

The main area of the town is where you want to be. Lots of shops, bars, restaurants, and people watching. Plus, there's no lack of old Hollywood charm! You see it everywhere from the painted murals on random walls, to the walk of fame stars beneath your feet.

Other spots to see that we didn't get to, but you should:

Aerial Tram 

Cabazon outlets

Palm Springs Art Museum

Have you ever been to Palm Springs? I'd love to go for a long holiday weekend!


  1. I'm dying to visit Palm Springs, it looks so pretty.


  2. I love the pink door, and I suppose if the owners didn't like being a social media sensation, they'd paint, right?

    I've never been to Palm Springs, but it looks like a perfect little getaway.

  3. Toooo cute that you wore your palm sweatshirt! I've been to Palm Springs but didn't do any of these activities...because kids. But next time we're going to the pink door and I'm taking a pic! LOL!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  4. I'll be spending a day/night in Palm Springs in July for my partner's 30th! The aerial tram sounds awesome!

    1. That is SO exciting! The big 30 is probably one of my favorite memories. Palm Springs will be perfect for the celebration! Definitely book a reservation for the tram and hit the strip for drinks :)

  5. Wow! So beautiful photos! :))


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