I don't know where this gorgeous color has been all my life, but I'm completely addicted to it at the moment. Ginger, rust, mauve, cinnamon...regardless of what you call it, this shade's my favorite for Spring.

Nate and I had a low-key Valentine's Day at an Italian restaurant in town and I wanted to be more casual than in years past. I've done the whole dress-up thing countless times, and although I enjoy wearing traditional pink and red for V-Day, this year I wanted to take advantage of cooler weather and just wear something cozy. It's funny how different men are than women. Nate actually prefers this look over a fancy dress. It's also less fussy, except I did manage to roll my ankle on the way out of the restaurant! My heel got stuck in a crack in the cement, and down I went. I guess the vodka martini didn't help the cause either. Luckily we still had a great time and I hope you ladies did too!


  1. Ooh, I love this sweater! The color is gorgeous and very flattering on you. And I'm sorry to hear about your ankle!! Ouch! I hope you heal up quickly.
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  2. this color is gorgeous on you, this is such a sweet and pretty fall look.


  3. You've been hitting the jackpot with Tobi items recently! I love that pretty sweater!

  4. that is indeed a wonderful colour on you. And I like how the sweater and the pumps play off each others colours.

    Hope your ankle is ok now. I fell on my butt today on my way to work and still hurting there. Gotta love all the ice.


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