The Riviera hotel in Palm Springs is truly an oasis in the desert. Located in downtown Palm Springs, it's incredibly convenient for exploring the surrounding area. You can soak up the sun and lounge by the pool during the day, and go listen to live music at night. I've stayed in a few different resorts over the years in Palm Springs, but The Riviera is now my favorite. In fact, we plan on making the trip an annual visit.

Everything about the place exuded glamour, luxury, and relaxation. The resort is divided into sections, and each section is centered around the large pool and patio area. I loved all of the flowers blooming, as well as the shady trees and large palms that surrounded the property.

1600 North Indian Canyon Drive in Palm Springs

The lobby of the hotel was gorgeous. As soon as I walked in, a citrus scent wafted through the air - it was honestly kind of intoxicating! I can still smell it as I type this. I also really loved the color scheme in the lobby area with white and pops of blue, green, and pink. I need one of those pink velvet chairs for my office! Everything was just so beautiful and well done.
While compiling these photos, I realized I didn't take a single picture of our room! It was just as luxe as you'd imagine though. It felt private, the bathroom was spacious, and the bed was supremely comfortable. 

The pool/patio area was inviting and we spent a whole day there drinking and lounging. There was a nice mix of people, from couples looking for some pampering, to families with small children, and of course plenty of singles wanting to party. I really loved the variety. On Saturday, a DJ played music and everyone was dancing in the pool. If that's not your scene though, Sunday was more low-key although music still played through the loud speakers. 
We ventured out to eat for most of our meals but we did have breakfast at Cafe Palmetto. I got their eggs benedict and it was the best I've had! I think it was the hollandaise sauce that was so rich and creamy. It's a must-try!

Nate and I did many of the same things that we did on our day trip last year, so I'm including that post in case you're wanting some recommendations for things to do and see!

Overall, this is one of the nicest resorts I've ever stayed in and it was a wonderful experience. I would recommend it to anybody who is visiting Palm Springs! Definitely an A+

This post was not sponsored in any way - I mean, I wish! 


  1. Oooh noting for next time I'm in Cali, sounds like a dream.


  2. So pretty! I really want to go! It sounds like the perfect vacation

  3. That hotel looks amazing! Loving all of the decor. You did a really impressive job with your photographs in this post, Noelle!

  4. Such a beautiful place! I absolutely love love eggs benedicts! If it's on the menu, I'll order it over and over.


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