Last month, I discovered 5 new beauty products that I'm absolutely loving and highly recommend you try. I don't say that too often because everyone is different and beauty preferences are personal. However, I feel like many of you would love these products and the results they give.

{Just a reminder that I always show products in natural light}

I came across this highlighter palette through Michele1218. I've followed her for years on YouTube and really trust her recommendations, so when she featured this palette a few weeks ago, I knew I needed to try it too. There are three universally flattering shades: pearl, golden quartz, and rose gold. All three are super soft and buttery, with the most gorgeous shimmer that's easy to blend out for that perfect Summer glow. I use the golden quartz and rose gold shades across my cheekbones, and pearl in the corners of my eyes. All three have great color payoff. I'm impressed! If there's one product you try from my reviews, let it be this! 

I prefer using powders most of the year because I have oily skin, but come Summer, I reach for lightweight creams and gels that last through heat. Cloud paint in Dusk is a gorgeous wash of tawny nude that lasts for hours. I use a stippling brush to swirl it onto the apples of my cheeks, and it creates a seamless stain of natural color. It doesn't even look like makeup, just your body's own natural flush.
Boy Brow is a tinted gel with the smallest brush. It contains tiny fibers that adhere to your brows to make them look fuller and polished. You guys know I hate how thin my eyebrows are from my bad teenage years of over tweezing. There isn't a ton I can do to correct those mistakes, but this gel really does fill in the sparse areas and gives my brows more depth.
Both of these products are the cornerstones of the brand, and I can definitely see why.

I'm not one to switch up my setting powder or foundations, but I kept seeing so much buzz around this product. My NYX HD powder was almost empty, so during the Sephora Spring sale last month, I ordered the Pro Filt'r setting powder in lavender. Having a lavender hued setting powder may seem strange, but it goes on completely translucent and is the silkiest powder I've ever felt. I have fairly oily skin, and this sets my makeup all day long. It's quite expensive, especially in comparison to NYX, but I have a feeling I'm not going to want to go back. It leaves a natural, soft matte finish.

I'm extremely happy with the coverage and lasting power of my favorite concealer, but I was still craving a bit more brightness underneath my eyes. I wanted to look fresh and youthful, and this brightening corrector from Becca helps achieve just that. It's a cream product that feels slightly tacky to the touch. I use my ring finger to apply a small amount underneath my eyes, on top of concealer. I pat and press it on, so the heat of my finger warms up the product, and then I use a small brush to set it with the Fenty powder mentioned above. The effect isn't quite Kardashian-esque, but close!

Let me know if you try any of these! I always like hearing your thoughts. Happy shopping 💋


  1. Okay sold. I'll buy the Milani palette at Target tomorrow. If it gives me half the glow you have IRL I need it! And YES to your suggestion for a wine night at Vintana. Maybe when you get back from your road trip? Let me know!

    1. Yes, let's plan for that Gina! Mid July would be great but I'll text you ;)


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