I feel I'm in my element when I'm outside in the beautiful warm sunshine, on a patio or deck, chilled glass of white wine in hand. I did it this past weekend, and I'd like to do it every weekend from now until eternity.

It was a nice little taste, but Summer isn't quite ready just yet. We're still in the transitional phase, but every day I'm more and more excited about wearing some of the new pieces I've bought recently. I like to call them my Summer staples because I know I'll be wearing them all season long.

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Let's start with this kimono style top. I bought it blindly online from a boutique called Ooh La Luxe. They have a great range of bohemian style pieces, and while browsing their new arrivals section I fell in love with the top's white lace, billowy sleeves, and tie front. It's completely sheer so I suggest a nude camisole or even bodysuit underneath. Tops that are a little more interesting than your average plain tee are great this time of year. I wore it with some lighter wash jeans from LOFT, flat cognac sandals, and a fun lilac tote for a bit more color. All of these are basic staple items that will get a ton of use this Summer.

What are some of your Summer staples?


  1. I love top with kimono sleeves, this is so cute. If I wasn't on shopping lockdown, I would so check this boutique out.


  2. I would gladly join you out on that patio with the wine! As soon as this June Gloom clears, ha! That's such a great "outfit maker" top. I could stand to have a couple of additional top options like that for summer so I will check out that boutique!

  3. That's a gorgeous top! It looks simple but it's actually pretty detailed once we pay enough attention. Your little introduction about the sunshine really gave me strength to go through these very cold days we're having here, hopefully summer will decide to show up on time.

    Marta - www.aroundcolours.com

  4. That top is adorable! Great find on your part! I love cognac sandals, fun white tops, and colorful accessories in summer too!


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