Is there any greater feeling than a weekend well spent? Especially when said weekend included a delicious Italian dinner, great wine, catching up with friends you haven't seen in awhile, and long walks? That's a rhetorical question.

Summer weekends are my absolute favorite. Everything seems more relaxed, even if there's a lot to be done. Lately, I start my Saturday and Sunday mornings by sitting on our front porch drinking coffee and planning out the week ahead. It's a great way to sneak in some productivity while still being a little lazy!

My casual Summer weekends reflect a wardrobe to match. Luckily it's still cool enough to wear jeans, and hey even if it wasn't cool enough, I'd still do it.

Wearing //
Old Heartloom top, similar here

I'll always be a jeans and t-shirt girl, but even better when I can take them up a notch. I've had this lace off the shoulder top for a few years (last seen on the blog way back here) and it almost didn't make the cut when I cleaned out and organized my closet a couple weeks ago; I'm relieved I didn't donate it! Off the shoulder tops can be tricky, but I still think they are fun to wear in the Summer when you're tired of the same old tank tops and tees. As we begin to transition from Spring to Summer and the weather heats up, it's nice to have certain special pieces in your wardrobe. These striped espadrilles are another example. I could live in sandals all Summer, but sometimes I don't want to bother getting a pedicure so espadrilles are a great stand-in! In fact, I wore them so much last year that they inspired me to get these cream colored wedges you've already seen. 

I hope you ladies had a great weekend and Father's Day. Father's Day is tough for me because although I'm blessed to have my dad in good health, our relationship has always been very strained. We take one step forward, then like five steps back. I called him yesterday and we spoke briefly, but I still cried afterwards like I always do. Acceptance is something I work on every single day. That's all we can do, right? Anyway, I'm sending hugs to those of you in a similar situation. Unfortunately there are more of us than not these days...

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  1. you look adorable Noelle and this top is so perfect for Summer, good you kept it. So Sorry Father's day is sad for you.


  2. I always pat myself on the back when I wear something I almost donated. Like, "I KNEW it was a smart choice to keep this!" Your OTS top is darling so I'm glad you kept it! Sorry to hear Father's Day was tough emotionally. :( Hope this week has more positive days for you!

  3. Those espadrilles are so cute Noelle! I like them in place of sandals. I'll have to give them a try

    1. Thank you, you should definitely give them a try!

  4. There have been so many times I've kicked myself for donating something. Glad it wasn't the case for you this time! That top is really cute!

  5. That's such a pretty off-shoulder top on you dear! Loving the summer vibe of this look.
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    1. Thank you! Summer is almost here and I'm more excited than normal! I think it's all the rain and cool weather we've had here in California this year...much needed though.


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