I've never really been much of a shoe girl. I know I know, I'm just waiting to get my style card revoked! Don't get me wrong, I love shoes. I admire them like little works of art. I just don't feel the need to own many pairs, and I choose comfort above everything else. Gone are the days of trying to make stilettos happen. I failed pretty miserably at walking in them in my twenties, and now that I'm almost thirty-five and am no longer so preoccupied with what others think, I choose my footwear more wisely. Ballet flats at a bar on a Saturday night? Oh yeah, I do it.

I really believe that a few pairs of classic, practical shoes can help support any wardrobe. A pair of flat sandals, a neutral wedge, some black suede pumps, and a pair of...espadrilles? I did a little digging and it turns out that espadrilles have been around since the 13th century! They look so modern, and yet they're actually a classic shoe.

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These canvas lace up beauties have a wedge, but I also wear my flat pair quite a bit. The fibre sole is very soft and flexible, so they are super comfortable for walking. They look so chic and feminine when worn with a dress, but they also pair well with jeans and shorts for a casual cool vibe. I know they're making the rounds on social media and are very trendy at the moment, but I find them to be an essential Spring and Summer shoe. I am partial to the brand Soludos, but many designers have a version. If you haven't already, give them a try!

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  1. I am actually surprised to hear you wouldn't consider yourself a shoe person! I guess because I'm thinking of a certain pair of Chanel shoes you may own! LOL! I also LOL-ed at "ballet flats at a bar." In our neck of the woods, anything goes and I love that. As always, you look beautiful and feminine in this dress, and I love the cute ankle ties on these espadrilles!

  2. Darling look! I just got some espadrilles from Boden and can't wait to break them out!

  3. I had no idea they have been around so long of that you weren't a major shoe girl! I on the other hand love them though like you have gotten more practical with age... These look so great on you.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. When '90s style started appearing I thought of all the shoes I wore (or wished I could afford to wear) in high school, and espradilles were one of them. I felt quite pleased with myself when they began showing up, as though I could predict the future.

  5. I am so into comfy shoes, I am over all shoes that are not comfortable. You look adorable in that little dress.


  6. Espradilles are a classic summer shoe! Loving this pair on you!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!



  7. Espadrilles are a classic summer shoe. I even wear them once spring hits! I love your cute blue dress you styled them with.


  8. I'm a shoe girl, but I get it, who wants to spend their day being uncomfortable? Though I have to say, I'm wondering if I got duped when I bought those same espadrilles off amazon last summer - they aren't super soft and flexible, also the bottoms say 'made in spain' but they don't say soludos. 🤔 Of course I didn't notice this until I'd already worn them!


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