In the blink of an eye, it's August!

We came back from Ohio last Wednesday, and the heat promptly greeted us in San Diego. I really thought the humidity in Ohio would get to me, but it was actually pretty mild in comparison to years past. August and September are by far the hottest months in Temecula, so like clockwork, this is the time where I have to start getting a little creative with my style and beauty routines. Nothing fussy, just simple, practical, breathable...you get the idea! When Summer's in full swing, it's hard to imagine getting too done up. Instead, I focus on dressing certain items in my closet down so that I look and feel more comfortable and relaxed.

I've worn this pretty pleated skirt countless times since I bought it last year, but this was the first time I dressed it down with flat sandals and a small straw bag. My inclination with skirts is usually to dress them up with heels, but there's no reason why I can't wear them with more casual accessories. I think it looks fresh for Summer, and then I have more opportunities to wear pieces that I save for specific events or occasions. I've recently seen a ton of my favorite style bloggers wearing basic t-shirts with beautiful skirts - whether the skirt is pleated like mine, a sophisticated midi length, or just any skirt you may already have in your closet that you neglect because it's considered a dressier piece. Pair it with a soft t-shirt, your favorite sandals or slip on sneakers, and a great bag and you have the perfect Summer outfit that you can wear almost anywhere! I knotted my tee in the back so I didn't have to tuck it in but whatever's comfortable for you is key. 

How do you dress down in the Summer? Linking up with Pink Sole


  1. I have a really similar pink skirt and I have a tough time finding tops to wear with it because my t-shirts are not fitted enough. But your idea of tying it in the back is brilliant! It gives just the right fit at the waist to make this work! I need to try this. And yes, here comes the major heat! Just in time for everyone else to trot out their fall fashion, ha!

  2. I love this pretty skirt, this is such a sweet look.


  3. You look Summer perfect! I don't wear much makeup or do much with my hair when it's really hot outside. Sometimes I see other bloggers wearing full face makeup and it makes me so uncomfortable! Natural is better and I appreciate that you feature that.

    1. Thank you! I'm honestly the same way - when it's too hot to do anything, the last thing on my mind is hair and makeup! I try to avoid blow drying my hair as often as possible in Summer. I just can't do it!

  4. This is a perfect way to dress down a skirt like that! You look lovely!


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