During most of my twenties and when I first began blogging in 2009, I was infatuated with luxury handbags. I was a member of the Purse Forum and I would spend what seemed like hours scrolling through photos of gorgeous bags and reading their corresponding reviews. I couldn't afford one of my own, but hey...I could dream. I was also an equal opportunity brand lover, from YSL to Balenciaga, and of course Chanel. Always Chanel.

When I graduated from college in 2010, my mom gifted me with the very bag of my dreams - a Chanel classic jumbo flap in caviar leather. I was over the moon for weeks, but then reality set in and this incredible feeling of guilt took over. What had I really done to deserve such a beautiful bag? In my mind, absolutely nothing.

I discussed these feelings with my mom and she ultimately persuaded me to keep and enjoy it. The latter is still difficult. I keep it in its original box and dust bag, and I only carry it on occasion.

All of that to say that I no longer spend hours dreaming of designer bags. I don't keep up with the latest "it" bag of the moment, and I can easily walk by a Louis Vuitton without so much as a passing glance. Maybe my priorities have shifted, maybe I've just seen too many people carrying identical bags so they don't appear as special. I'm simply just not that interested anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'll always love a great handbag, and I'll always admire them on others. If you can and you want to, then treat yourself! But with so many more options now, I've come to realize that showy designer logos just don't make sense for my life and style. I'd rather invest in something else.

3 of my favorite bags

I now prefer bags from Sézane and Clare Vivier. The quality is beautiful, their textures and colors are luxurious, and I still feel like I'm carrying a designer bag. Revolve and Shopbop have a good range of lesser known brands at varying price points. If you're vegan, Sole Society offers some great vegan leather options. 

I'd really love to hear your thoughts on this! Do you crave designer bags, or are they at the very bottom of your wishlist?

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  1. I'm the exact same. When I was in highschool I dreamed of owning a designer bag and now it's honestly not a priority. I feel like getting into a more vegan lifestyle has definitely been what changed it for me, I don't want to wear leather and now a leather bag seems like the last thing I'd want in my closet. I just have different priorities now and although I sometimes still love to check Michael Kors and other non-leather brands, I just don't think spending that much money on a bag is worth it. But I definitely think that you should wear your Chanel bag more often, if you have it and it was expensive, might as well put it to good use, right? haha

    Marta - www.aroundcolours.com

  2. Funny, I really didn't know that you had shifted away from your interest in higher end/luxury bags! I guess my own preference depends on what you consider "designer." If it's Gucci, LV, Chanel...I have never been drawn to them. I do still love Rebecca Minkoff, Kate Spade, Tory Burch and that range of "designer" bags. They're similar price points to Clare V so I guess that's the long way of saying I think we're on the same page! Haha!

  3. So interesting to hear your thoughts on this! I have a second hand Chloe bag, a Gucci, and an LV all of which I have saved for, carry regularly, and love. They are all three the lower end of the price range options the retailers offer (around $1,000) and all different shapes and colors. While I don't think I will ever buy one of the crazy expensive options, since buying these I have basically given up all my other bags and no longer buy bags. Where I used to buy 2-3 bags a year in the mid-price range, I don't anymore. I think I have ended up spending the same. I guess it is what works for you.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. Everything about the jacket seemed fine. Quality leather, fit, color etc.The style is classic, yet modern, timeless, casual and very cool. High quality and very well crafted/constructed. Designer jackets


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