"Stay close to people who feel like sunshine."

August was a busy month filled with birthdays, lazy beach days, and plenty of friend time. I'm always amazed at how quickly Summer goes, and while many people are happy to rush through it, I'm still savoring every last moment. I mean can we at least wait until after Labor Day to start thinking about Fall? That used to be the norm, but now attention spans are such that we rush through everything. Before you know it, the holiday shopping guides will be making the rounds and the new year will be upon us...

But first, let's recap August, shall we?

The month began with a river trip to Arizona, and it came to a close with a camping trip to Carlsbad State beach. A couple of our friends are all about that #vanlife, so we joined them for a night and slept in the back of our Jeep Grand Cherokee. It's a tight squeeze, especially in comparison to camping in a trailer, but sleeping with the windows open and waking up to the sound of waves crashing against the shore makes it all worth it. In my opinion, there's no better sound in the world.

We also found a new beach that we really love! Cardiff By The Sea. It helped that we beat the crowds by going during the week, so we plan on going back on Tuesday (after Labor day weekend is over).

My best friend moved into a new apartment, but it's still in the beautiful area of Little Italy San Diego. To say that I want to move right in would be an understatement! Her aesthetic is similar to mine, but she executes it so much better than I ever could. See the white and turquoise rug? I want it! Luckily she doesn't much mind that I usually end up copying at least some part of her decor. Her bedroom is actually my favorite part of the new place, with palm print wallpaper covering one side of the room. It's paradise in the city!

Other things in August:

Eating/Drinking everything with fresh lemon! I'm trying to up my water intake, but naturally that can get a little boring on the taste buds so lemon juice it is. I've also been using it on top of salads and it's so healthy and refreshing! Here's my current favorite caesar recipe: romaine lettuce mixed with a handful of kale, shaved parmesan cheese, grilled chicken or salmon filet (whichever you prefer), a couple tablespoons of caesar dressing (this is the one we use), and the juice from half a lemon to top it all off. So good!

Still wearing breezy dresses, flip flops, bathing suits, and anything loose because the heat is no joke right now.

Listening to: Iration, Stick Figure, Lana, Sublime, Gloria by the Lumineers (I'm such a fan of theirs)

Looking forward to September! It's Virgo season, which means I can flaunt my perfectionist, type A tendencies and annoy the living Hell out of my non type A friends. Okay not really, but aside from my birthday I'm also excited to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary.

Things I liked:
My friend Nicole's birthday in Blythe was one for the books! Honestly, it took me a few days to recover from the heat, sun, and day drinking. Mostly the day drinking.

My mom's birthday was on the 22nd, and my cousin was in town visiting from Guadalajara. She only visits once or twice a year, so it was really wonderful to catch up with her and the family. My Spanish needs WORK.

Things I didn't like:
Instagram influencers' obsession with all things Fall (beginning in late July), which let's get real, essentially just translates into dollar signs. Consumerism is what dictates seasons, not the actual weather. I'm sorry, I know I sound like a bitter old lady and I don't mean to be so negative but for whatever reason, this year seems overly contrived and ridiculous. I wore all that stuff in May, just three short months ago. Do most people even need new cold weather clothing? Didn't people just finish putting all that stuff away? Please, maybe I'm missing something, so feel free to set me straight. But I guarantee that the same people pushing for Fall right now will also be the ones complaining about the cold in like two months flat.

With that, I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend! Do you have any plans?


  1. I'm super excited for Virgo season and I'm so ready for vacation. You friend's apartment is lovely.


  2. Noelle you take really great scenery photos! Love these beach pics. And I love your bestie's apartment decor! I admire people with that talent because I have none. I hear you on the early fall pushing. It's too much, too soon.

  3. Oh you make me laugh! I don't know how some of those girls handle it all dressed in layers in 90 degree weather. If I am wearing a sweatshirt it's because there is a night breeze and I'm probably wearing it with shorts! Haha! Your friend's taste is stunning! I wish I had more decorating skill!


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