Another day, another orange dress! I realize that my last outfit post was also an orange dress, but it just goes to show that a) it's still insanely hot in SoCal so lightweight pieces are a must and b) orange really is the new black! At least for me.

A couple weeks ago I walked into a local boutique looking for a candle, and I walked out with this flirty little dress instead. Growing up, I hated the color orange - absolutely hated it. So naturally that means I love it now as an adult. It looks glowing on freshly bronzed skin, pairs well with neutrals, and livens up your entire wardrobe. It may not be the most versatile hue, but consider it a fun addition that can instantly lift your mood! I think people overlook orange because it's so bold, but as someone who is introverted, I'm actually surprised at how much I'm gravitating towards vibrant color. 

Orange is the perfect late Summer into Fall shade because it looks great with leopard print, dark florals, and it compliments colors like rust and brick red. It's all about the mix! Most of us may not be able to transition to Fall clothing just yet, but planning what you'd like to wear is key. I always do an inventory of what I need in order to fill any gaps in my wardrobe and proceed from there. For instance, I don't own any nice black pants so a pair is on my current "to buy" list. On the other hand, I do own an olive utility jacket so even though those are making the rounds in stores, I can steer firmly away from buying a new one.  

But really, I haven't bought anything yet because September is just too hot here! Tell me it's the same where you are...also, what are you wearing these last couple weeks of Summer? Have a great weekend!

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  1. Okay first, this dress is SO CUTE!! Love it! Perfect for the terrible heat and humidity here lately. I'm in the same boat of trying to figure out what I already have for fall vs. what I could use. I have a pair of black pants I love from LOFT. I know you like their jeans so it might be worth trying their pants, too!


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