I approach trends in beauty the same way I approach them in fashion - cautiously. I prefer looking natural, not because I'm super busy all the time and can't make the extra effort, but really because I just favor a more natural look in general. Even when I go out at night or attend a special event, I don't pile on the makeup or fuss much with my hair. Just clean and put-together is my M.O. and it's something I've become increasingly comfortable with. Contouring my face every morning? Not gonna happen. Acrylic nails? Ouch!

That doesn't mean I don't like having fun though! It's good to switch things up every once in awhile, especially in the beauty department. A new lipstick shade or shorter haircut can be the simplest way to get out of a beauty rut. And please, if you're one who does enjoy keeping up with all of the latest treatments and trends, then that's great! Do what makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Anyway, my friend Nicole does eyelash extensions and after months of admiring her work on clients I decided to just go for it as a birthday treat to myself.

Eyelash Extensions:

I'll admit that I was a little nervous to try eyelash extensions, mostly because I thought it would be such a tedious process and I'm not great at being still for too long. I obviously can only speak of my own experience, but the process was much easier and faster than I thought! I arrived for my appointment at 10:00 a.m. and was done by 12:30 p.m. I found it very relaxing. I wore loose, comfortable clothing so that I could enjoy lying on her table (the same you've probably experienced if you've ever gotten a massage or facial). I had clean skin with zero makeup on. From there, my friend explained what she would be doing, including showing me the tape she would be using to prevent my lower lashes from sticking to my upper lashes during the process. Every lash extension has to be individually applied to your natural lashes and that's no easy feat! My natural lashes are incredibly short and sparse so she used lash extensions that would just enhance them and add a bit more length and fullness without looking obvious. I'm telling you, natural is key for me. We chatted most of the time, and I had to keep my eyes closed until she was completely done.

I must mention that I often deal with seasonal allergies. I have dry eyes which ironically makes them water all the time, and I was so worried that these factors would have a negative effect on extensions. Now that I've had them for over a week, I feel comfortable saying that my eyes and lashes are great! I haven't experienced any discomfort, no itching, swelling, nothing. I can hardly feel them. My eyes still water throughout the day, but I just make sure I don't rub them. I use a lash comb as needed, mostly in the morning, and I can still wash my face and do my normal skincare routine.

I'll have my first fill next week. I'm not certain how long I'm going to keep them on (probably just a month), but I'm so happy that I decided to try them because they really do enhance the face. As always, I just recommend that you do some research on professionals in your area, including pictures and testimonials. I've read some terrible stories! Honestly though, my natural lashes are almost non-existent, so my level of fear that they will become even less so is pretty low.

Fresh lash extensions. These are known as the "classic" set.
If you have any specific questions I didn't mention, let me know! I'm sure my friend has the answer.


Aside from getting lash extensions right before my birthday, I also freshened up my hair color. It had been months since I had any color done, and it was starting to look really brassy in areas and the ends were pretty blonde. My stylist brought me back to the darker side, albeit with some lighter pieces melted throughout. I've had balayage for a little over a year now and I still enjoy the dimension and warmth it brings. I'm tempted to go back to completely dark sometimes, but this type of color is so easy to maintain that I don't find it to be much more upkeep than my natural hair.

I'm really happy with the products I'm using on my hair so I'm putting together a separate post!

Do you update your beauty routines often? Have you tried eyelash extensions, balayage, or other  beauty treatments? Please share!

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  1. Ooh yay for both of the things in this post! Your eyelashes look great! I'm glad to hear you had such a good experience with them and I'm surprised you're not keeping them! I'd love to know what's made you decide not to stick with them? And your hair looks gorgeous! The cut and color are SO pretty.

  2. Yay! Love love love! Thanks Noelle :)

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