90 degrees and sunny, but make it Fall. Um, okay...

I wish I were better at transitional style, especially from Summer to Fall. The whole concept is sort of baffling if you live in a warmer climate and the truth is, Fall isn't really a season here in southern California. We get some relief from the heat now and then but by the time I get to enjoy it, Christmas is right around the corner.

The in-between can feel so frustrating when you can't decide what to wear! I spent a good amount of time yesterday trying on different outfits, feeling a bit defeated. But instead of throwing my hands up and complaining, I'm trying my best to embrace this predicament. I lived in dresses all Summer long, and just because my social media feeds are filled with lovely Autumnal outfits doesn't mean I can't wear my own version of Fall.

Here are some tips I use: 
1) Switch out your Summer accessories. Instead of carrying your favorite woven beach tote or straw bag, pull out a nice leather (or vegan leather) shoulder bag. I typically reach for black or jewel-toned, but the blush Madewell tote I bought during Summer still works! More structured bags work very well in Fall and always look chic.

2) I also begin wearing flats again this time of year instead of sandals. They instantly read Fall to me. Ankle boots are naturally a good option as well. I love wearing mine with mini dresses for a more leg lengthening look.

3) When in doubt, the use of color will transition your wardrobe. Think orange, rust, mustard, olive, navy. Prints such as leopard, cheetah, and snakeskin are all big this year so incorporating them into your outfit is the easiest way to feel more seasonally appropriate regardless of your particular climate.

4) Layer, layer, layer. None of the outfits I created above are groundbreaking, I just added a jacket or cardigan to the dresses I've lived in this Summer. It really is that simple! Mornings and evenings are starting to get chilly, so having the option to add or remove a layer is practical and stylish.

5) If it's too warm for long sleeves, a kimono is a lightweight layering piece that still adds some visual interest to shorts, t-shirts, camisoles, and jeans. Even better if it's in a traditional Fall color.

I know retail calendars want us all to rush through each season, but that doesn't mean we have to! Changing a few details is all it takes to make the shift.

How do you navigate the in-between? By the way, do you like these type of indoor photos? Please let me know and have a great weekend!


  1. A post from you on a Friday!! Woo hoo! And what a great post! I love seeing how you layer each of your dresses! Just the slight change of shoes + bags and addition of a layer makes such a difference. Your ankle boots are perfect for pairing with a dress. I need an option with a more pointed toe + slimmer ankle like yours. :)

  2. I can't say I have this problem, most of our weather goes from one extreme to the next, rather than a nice smooth transition. You are lucky because you have a whole season of 'fashion' fall and can get away with bare legs and motojackets. I always lament how little I wear my leather jackets here because the season for them is just so short. During my time in LA I basically lived in my leather jacket and was so happy I was finally getting my money's worth from it!
    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Gosh the in between can be so tough. I am loving all of these looks and your tips. You wouldn't know you had some frustration.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style


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