"All good things come from gratitude"

My November edit is a little late! I planned on getting this up earlier but the week has been so busy that I almost forgot to do this post entirely. I hope you're all doing well and are gearing up for Thanksgiving if you celebrate. 

Nate and I still don't have plans tomorrow because we do Thanksgiving on Sunday each year in order to accommodate family members. We're thinking about going to a movie and getting dinner somewhere because the weather forecast shows rain. Otherwise we'd definitely hit the beach! 

November was a pretty quiet month around here so this recap will be shorter than others. It was still a great month, even if it felt more routine. There were some noteworthy items though:

Decorating our mantle a bit earlier than I normally do! I love simple Christmas decor, although I feel like it still needs something! Just not sure what exactly. My favorite part are the stockings, especially Nettie's. How do you like to decorate for the holidays? We're getting a real tree next weekend and I can't wait to have the gorgeous pine scent fill our home. 

Watching a show on Netflix called Ozark. There are two seasons and we just finished season one. Wow! I find it so fascinating. The basic premise involves a man named Marty Byrd played by Jason Bateman. He's a financial planner that gets tangled up in money laundering, so he and his family move from Chicago to the Ozarks in order to pay back his debt to a Mexican drug cartel. It's so entertaining and really captures your attention in each episode. Highly recommend!

Cooking Greek-style chili for a friend's chili cook off and our recipe won! Miraculously might I add...I really didn't think ours was that great but it was different than the average Texas red so maybe that had something to do with it! I've mentioned before that Nate's side of the family live in Ohio where Cincinatti chili is a big deal. This is the spice packet I used

Shopping for some furniture during the Black Friday deals. I've been wanting to get a new television stand for our living room basically since we moved in. I have a few in mind and will share it next month. It's so hard to stay away from all the sales, but I'm doing my best. My willpower has gotten strong over the last couple years. Are you doing any shopping this weekend?

Cuddling up with Nettie and this throw that my mom already gifted us. She said she couldn't wait! Nettie agrees.

Planning my blog content for the next month. I'm excited to do a holiday edit for you complete with holiday outfits, some gift ideas as well as charity ideas, and maybe a look at our tree once it's all decorated. Sound good? 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'll be back next week. 

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  1. sounds like you had a great month, I'm spending my thanksgiving relaxing at home and binging on the affair. Hope you find good deals on home stuff, check wayfair.


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