Casual bohemian style is a huge part of California's look and culture. It's a natural fit, though I'll admit that an unclear definition required me to do a quick Google search. Just what really is "boho style" anyway? According to wikipedia, "Bohemian style, often called boho or boho chic focuses on free and flowy fashions, natural fabrics, and earthy colors and patterns." It also refers to people "who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives."

Hmmmm, I think I'm fairly conventional, but I do love flowy fabrics and earth tones. I guess there's a reason why I've become so drawn to it over the last few years, especially when I tire of structured, more classic pieces. My search led me to explore why this style was popularized by women in the 1960's and 70's as a sort of backlash against more restrictive dress codes. I'm all about comfort, so I imagine I would have been one of those women! I'm kind of a hippie at heart.

Wearing // Leith bodycon dress on sale, Similar long cardigan, Similar booties, Gorjana necklace, Similar Sezane bag

This long duster cardigan has been a great way for me to bring a little boho chic to an otherwise simple black dress. The ankle boots tie it all together, and I love the contrast of earthy tones with black, and with a bodycon dress paired with a flowing cardigan. The duster creates a lot of movement, and it lends to the carefree vibe of the outfit. We've had some beautiful sunny days and the promise of Spring is getting near. That alone puts me in a happier state of mind. I know so many of you are sick of Winter by this point and I don't blame you. We're almost in March! Patio season is getting closer and closer...

I also styled this long duster cardigan here & here in case you need more ideas. What do you think of boho style? 


  1. Just wanted to say I love your style! I've been following for about a year and I like the mix of brands and the way you rewear all your clothes instead of constantly showing new everything. It's helpful so thank you for that. Also love the peeks into your life here and there. Keep it up!

  2. I have a similar dress, but haven't tried it like this! It's super cute with a duster!


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